I went on a massive buying spree right before my son started kindergarten. It was my first “back to school” shopping experience, and I wanted him to have the coolest stuff for his first day in “big school,” especially since he was so nervous about starting that he was having frequent nightmares every night. He picked out his book bag and lunch box (a Toy Story 3 one, although I tried to persuade him to get a cute Bento box), and I picked out the stuff to pack inside it. I didn’t want to buy plastic baggies and other junk a million times throughout the year, especially because they end up in a landfill for all of eternity. So I thought reusable sacks would be the perfect solution. That is where One Pink Ladybug came in. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve known the seller for years through an online forum, she’s an awesome woman. I always prefer to buy from friends and other people that I interact with before going with a big-name company whenever possible.

I ordered these two items, a reusable cloth sandwich baggie and a reusable cloth lunch snack tote:

il 570xN.100166193 Etsy Store Review- One Pink Ladybug

il 570xN.166179337 Etsy Store Review- One Pink Ladybug

Jacob ended up buying lunch at school more often than taking it, so I use both bags for his snack. I fill up the little one with pretzels, animals crackers or whatever else he wants, and then put that and a juice box into the sandwich bag. Considering that it was originally made to hold lightweight sandwiches, the bag has held up remarkably well. Jake isn’t exactly gentle with his stuff most of the time.  I’ve the $4 sandwich bag every school day since September;  it’s taken quite a beating and still hasn’t popped a single stitch while his $20 mass-produced Transformers book bag is coming apart all over the place.

She also sells really cute cloth diaper wipes and napkins, all very reasonably priced.

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