I am doing this fun project as part of the Warner Brothers Word of Mouth team, in honor of the upcoming release of the Smallville: Complete Series DVD set.  While I was never a fan of Superman when I was younger, I’ve been hooked on Smallville since the very first episode, when Clark rescued Lex from drowning and ends the episode by peering wistfully at Lana through a telescope (which would be creepy had anyone other than the future Superman done it!). Watching Clark Kent slowly evolve into the Superman of comic books has been a rewarding experience, and I’m sad the show will be ending next month. All I have to say is that Lois and Clark had BETTER tie that knot before those credits role for the final time.

This leg of the three week project is about rivalries. Throughout the years, Clark Kent has battled a great many rivals, with a different “big bad” each season (although previous season’s big bad’s always seem to make a comeback). But of all these rivalries, my all time favorite is definitely that between Clark and Lex Luthor. I know enough about the comic books to know Lex was his arch-nemesis, but in Smallville, they didn’t start out that way. Lex was a very likable character almost right up until the end of his run. Even when he was bad, he was sympathetically so. Anyone raised by the callous Lionel Luthor is bound to turn out a little bit warped. Lex thought of Clark as his best friend, as close as a brother, and Clark continually lied directly to Lex’s face. That had to hurt. Yes, I understand why Clark did it, but it still made me feel bad for Lex. He just wanted so badly to be part of Clark’s secret, to feel as though his best friend trusted him, despite his apparent dark destiny.

In Season 6 Episode 1 (“Zod”) General Zod, a Kryptonian military leader (of the “kneel before Zod” fame) takes over Lex’s body and kidnaps Clarks original super-crush- Lana Lang.  Clark and Zod/Lex duke it out and Zod-In-The-Lex forced Clark to his knees, telling him that he will spare Clark’s beloved humans if Clark joins him. Of course, we all know that doesn’t happen. Clark would never kneel before Zod, or anyone else for that matter. Lex has been gone for a few seasons now, but he’s coming back for the finale. I’m overjoyed, as Micheal Rosenbaum is definitely one of the best-looking supervillians ever. Despite his turn to the dark side, I’ve always liked Lex.

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“I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for the Smallville DVD release.