ecover stain remover Ecover Versus The Hair Dye Stain
I received a bottle of Ecover Stain Remover in the mail the other day. I think it was from Mom’s Meet, although I’m not sure because there was nothing inside to let me know. But I am supposed to be sampling Ecover Dishwasher tablets soon as part of a Mom’s Meet campaign, so I’m assuming it came from them. Anyway, where ever it came from, free stuff showing up at my house is always a good thing, so I figured I’d try it out and write a review.

I looked around the house looking for a stubborn stain to test it on, and found some random red stuff on Jake’s yellow Spongebob shirt. I rubbed some of the stain remover on the spot, threw it in the wash, and thought “Crud! I should have taken a picture first!” So I looked around again, and then I remembered the hair dye incident with the peach and white striped towel. No matter how careful I am when I dye my hair, there is always a casualty, and this time it was the towel.

100 1239 Ecover Versus The Hair Dye Stain

I assure you, it is hair dye and nothing sinister!

I dampened the towel as directed on the back of the bottle, applied the liquid sparingly (also as directed), and used the built-in brush to scrub. I could see a lot of the stain coming up as I scrubbed, but I left it sit for about ten minutes for good measure. I rinsed it out, hung it up, and took this picture:

100 1241 Ecover Versus The Hair Dye Stain

After one application, Ecover Stain Remover got rid of a significant amount of the stain. Sure, it’s not all gone, but at least it’s not so glaringly obvious! I’m going to give it a try on some other set-in stains and see what happens. I usually can’t stand doing laundry, but there is something oddly soothing about scrubbing away a stain.

Ecover Stain Remover, made from plant based ingredients, biodegrades quickly and isn’t tested on animals. It is also septic system safe, and it took me a few minutes to figure out why that mattered! At first I thought “well, it’s not like I’m going to flush my clothes down the toilet!” But then I realized that all the water that runs down my sink ends up in there as well. Hey, I never claimed to be a plumber, I don’t know how these things work! Ecover Stain Remover is safe for  white and colorfast laundry, and it has a handy built-in brush to make it easier to reach those smaller areas like collars and sleeves. You can buy it at Whole Foods, Wegmans, Ralphs, and other natural grocers, or at their  online store.  It retails for about $4 a bottle.

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