My father wasn’t a major part of my life while I was growing up, In fact, for many years, he wasn’t a part of my life at all. When I was about 17, he did decide to try to be more active, but he passed away when I was 29 and I still barely knew him. But this isn’t a sob story about my lack of father figure, because despite not having my actual father, I was extremely fortunate to have my grandfather.

My mom had me when she was young, and we spent many years living with my grandparents. My grandfather was the best male role model a little girl could ask for. He used to play the mandolin and always made up songs about me when I walked in the room. When I was sick, he brought me coloring books, colorforms, and other goodies. He used to work at Hershey several times a year and always brought back tons of candy. When I was selling Girl Scout cookies, he took them to work and outsold all the other kids in my troop! Because of my grandfather, I never really missed not having an actual father.  He passed away two years ago, and I still miss him (and my Gran, who went a year before him) every single day.

Our family didn’t have any major traditions, we usually just got together for dinner at my grandparents’ house. But we did have one little tradition that involved greeting cards. My grandfather was the master of the corny joke, and every year at least one of us would get him something super corny, preferably involving puns. He also loved animals, so to switch things up a bit, I’d try to find him a card with something super cute and fuzzy on the front.

Whatever your Father’s Day tradition is, Tiny Prints has the perfect Father’s Day Card for that special dad, grandfather, uncle, or anyone else that performs the male role model duties in your life. For my grandfather, I would have chosen this one, as it says it all:

Father's Day Traditions- Sponsored by Tiny Prints