Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I know some people are superstitious about this day, but I don’t suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia, so I’ve always kind of liked the day! I also love when my black cat crosses my path. I don’t walk under ladders or open umbrellas in the house though, even I have boundaries! I do like the superstition that says because I was born on a Sunday, I’m fair and wise and good!  I’m getting a little groggy here and soon I’ll start rambling, so let me just say “May you all have a happy Friday the 13th filled with nothing but good luck!”

On to the blog hops. I was planning to do a bunch today because I have some time, but it seems that with Blogger down, not many hops are up. However, I am doing this Alexa blog hop to lower my rating. It is sponsored by Spearmint Baby and Our Family World.

Happy Friday the 13th + Blog Hops

To all my favorite blogs on Blogger, I really hope everything is resolved soon! I’ll miss all your posts, my little Google Reader is going to be sad today.