My son has an astronomical amount of toys. Seriously, the child is beyond spoiled. He’s my only child and my mom’s only grandchild, so he’s just a little bit spoiled. I think part of me buys him toys because I just miss playing with them. He has something from just about every line of popular toys for little boy’s, from Hot Wheels to Gogo’s Crazy Bones, from Mighty Beanz to Spiderman. However, his Fisher Price Imaginext collection is the one he turns to the most when he’s bored, and has become, by far, his largest collection. This isn’t the entire collection, parts are scattered throughout the house. The bins are filled with the small pieces.


Jake's Favorites- Fisher Price's Imaginext Line



It all started with the Batcave. He first asked for it when he was about three, and since it was close to $50, I held off. Too many times I’d caved, bought him expensive toys, only to have them cast aside ten minutes later in favor of something much simpler. But when he asked for it again for Christmas the following year, I figured he was serious about it, so Santa delivered it down the chimney that year. Let me tell you, that was the best purchase ever! He played with it every single night for hours on end. So when he started asking for extra parts to it, I gladly bought them. Once we exhausted all Batman options, we moved on to the space shuttle, then the robot police headquarters, and so on. Now, he has nearly all of the various collections, including all the tiny bits and pieces that supplement them. Some of the collections are retired or hard to find, so we skipped those, but if it was available in the last two years, we have it.

Our Batcave is now a few years old, and still holding up pretty well. Sure, it’s not as bright and shiny as it was when we first took it out of the package, and yes it’s missing a few missiles and bit pieces, but it’s still all in one piece and doing what it’s supposed to do. Everything is made with high Fisher Price quality standards- no tears over broken toys! The best part about the collection is how interchangeable it is. Each action figure has the same exact foot-shape, which means Batman can activate the cannon on the pirate ship and the pirate can activate the moving parts in the Robot Police Headquarters. I also love that they inspire imaginative play, and even though he’s almost six (the toys are designed for ages 3-7), he still loves these toys as much as he did when he was four.

Not a night goes by where he isn’t playing with one or more of the Imaginext toys, and as long as he continues to show this kind of interest in them, I’ll continue buying the new sets. I highly recommend these toys – with such a huge variety, there is bound to be a collection that interests just about any little boy.

Note- I paid for all these toys myself, I was not given anything for review. I didn’t even add affiliate links because, as much as I love Amazon, they are not the cheapest option for these toys. Target has a wide selection and usually has good prices on them, and you can usually find the bigger items at a discount around the holidays. Walmart also has decent prices, but the selection is very limited.