Wow, there were some awesome season finales this week (and last week in some cases)! I haven’t watched all of them yet, I still need to see The Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy, but other than that, I think I’m all caught up for the week! Warning- this post contains spoilers for the following shows- Stargate Universe, Smallville, Chuck, NCIS (both), Criminal Minds, Bones, and the Mentalist.

The Good


– That very last minute left me speechless! I mean, I figured they would find a way to work Emily’s pregnancy into the show, but I thought maybe they’d make her decide she wanted to have a baby, and then go from there! So Bones and Booth did the deed when she crawled into bed with him after poor, sweet Mr. Nigel Murray was killed. I have to say though, I’m feeling just a little ripped off by the fact that we didn’t even get to see a kiss! Maybe they’ll do a flashback or something. I know we all got to see their first kiss under the mistletoe, but that was years ago! This is my absolute favorite show, and this finale rocked!

The Mentalist – Finally! Patrick Jane has his revenge. This whole two hour episode was brilliantly constructed, right up until the very last moment when Jane calmly sits down after shooting Red John. I’m glad the Red John storyline is finally resolved, although I do wonder what will happen to Jane. Red John did have a gun, so maybe he can claim self-defense.  Poor Grace, I knew her fiance was up to no good, but I still feel bad for her. Did you see the way he just reached up and yanked the necklace off her neck? What a jerk! I mean, sure he’s a killer and all, but does he have to be so downright cruel to the woman he played the whole time? She didn’t do anything to him!

Chuck- First, allow me to thank NBC for renewing Chuck for a final season and letting them have a chance to go out in style. I loved this finale, and if it had to be the end, it would have been okay. I am so glad that Sara and Chuck made it to the alter, I was afraid they’d rob us of that joy at the last moment. Now Chuck and Sara own the Buy More, they’re all freelancing, and the biggest shock of all, Morgan is the new intersect! This should be interesting!!

Smallville- What a perfect way to end the 10-season run! Thank you so much for bringing back the original Lex, I’ve always loved him. And he was so…nice, in a weird way. Creepy, definitely evil, but the way he helped Clark because of their mutual destiny as arch enemies was just very fitting. Then, after all that, his memory was wiped clean as Tess takes one last chance to prove which side she was really on. I’m also grateful that we got to see the wedding between Lois and Clark, even if it didn’t end in an actual marriage until many years later. And of course, we got to Clark morph into the flying, red-tight wearing Superman before the show ended.

The So-So

The NCIS’– While I wasn’t terribly disappointed with the endings, I didn’t think they were spectacular. The last minute of NCIS revealed that Tony is going to be working sort of undercover to root out a mole, and they didn’t show who they suspected, so that’s a decent cliffhanger. But I’ve come to expect much more dramatic season finales out of the show. I’m hoping the mole isn’t anyone in the regular cast. Maybe it can be his girlfriend, she’s not all that important to me. I can’t really imagine any of the other characters being a traitor. NCIS: Los Angeles was decent too, but it seemed to come out of the blue. Hedy is part of a big crime family that wants to kill G? Well, this would have been a lot more shocking if there was a little more build-up to it. Sure, they dropped hints about G’s past throughout the season, but they were so fleeting that I forgot about them week to week.

Criminal Minds- I’m not sure what I thought of this finale. At least we weren’t left wondering who was going to die, but other than that, it kind of fell flat. I’m so glad JJ is back next season, but we already knew that was coming, so that last few seconds where Rossi walks in and she’s all silhouetted before they show her face, it was kind of anti-climatic. Also, they started the episode hinting that someone may leave, but didn’t really follow through on the threat. No offers were made, although Garcia seemed to briefly consider a different line of work, but nothing that left me worried.

The Ugly

Stargate Universe

– At the end of the series finale last week, I believe my words were “are you freaking kidding me?!?” Except I used a different “f” word, it was THAT bad. Seriously, after ALL THAT- fighting off drones, hopping around the universe trying to find resources to survive, going through a weird time paradox, trying to fix the ship, and trying to get home- they end the show by all hopping into stasis pods while Eli stays out to either fix the last one or perish trying? Please, tell me there’s going to be a wrap-up movie or something? There is no way they can just end it forever on that note.