Only one week left until the two-hour series finale of Smallville, and Lois packed quite a shocking punch at the end of tonight’s (last night’s by the time this post goes live) episode. Once again, all I have to say is that those two better make it to the alter, or I’m going to go ballistic on the writers. Between Lana and Lois, Clark has had more than his fair share of epic romances. I mean, most people are lucky to get one, but he’s had two great loves. While I rooted for Lana long ago, everyone knows Lois and Clark belong together, so I knew that would never last.  Now that Lana has been gone a while, I can’t really even imagine Clark with her anymore.

Although Lana and Lois were Clark’s great romantic love, my favorite “romance” is actually between he and Chloe. Chloe has always been my favorite character, and I was really disappointed to see her appearing in so few episodes this season. The love that Chloe and Clark have for each other transcends romance, although there was a time when Chloe certainly would have preferred it another way. Since the beginning of Smallville, years before Chloe knew the truth about her best friend, she has always been on his side. However, during the third season, Chloe makes some poor choices, seemingly to get ahead in her career. She feeds Lionel Luther information about Clark so Lionel will give her a job at the daily planet. During Season 3, Episode 10, titled “Whisper,” Clark is blinded by a meteor freak and learns to refine his super hearing. Unfortunately, he overhears some rather unpleasant things, including Chloe spilling info about him. He confronts her, and they manage to patch things up. Throughout the years, Chloe occasionally makes other bad decisions, all in an effort to protect Clark, and Clark always forgives her. Their bond is as strong as two siblings- no matter what happens, they’ll always try to do what is best for the other. A relationship really doesn’t get more epic than that. I just hope they bring Chloe back for the final episode, otherwise it will seem incomplete.


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