I think everyone, at some point in their lives, imagines what it would be like to have superpowers. After all, if the idea wasn’t appealing, characters like Superman and shows like Smallville wouldn’t exist. Over the course of the show, Clark Kent develops numerous superhuman powers, from heat vision to super-hearing, from being bullet proof to leaping off tall buildings in a single bound. While all of them have their uses, I think my favorite, though, is his super speed. This was the first Kryptonian power viewers were introduced to back in Season 1 “Pilot,” when Clark misses his bus but reveals his super speed when he outruns it through a cornfield.

Why is this my favorite? Simple. Because I’m a mom! My five year old moves faster than Clark Kent on some days, and it’s exhausting. Just keeping up with him requires super speed! One minute he’s playing in the back yard, the next he’s calling to me from another room to help him with something (he has a habit of coming through the dog door, I can’t wait until he’s too big for that!). Imagine what else I could do with superhuman speed. I could clean the whole house in the blink of an eye, skip traffic and just run to the grocery store, have it all put away in a second, zip on over to the Midwest for coffee with my mother-in-law, and still make it home in time for the bus. It would be an awesome bonus if I burned the amount of calories all those things would consume if I was going at regular speed. I may actually stick to a workout regimen!
Smallville- Superhuman Powers


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