A Better World- The Game That Rewards You For Doing Good DeedsI’ve always enjoyed playing games that allow you to create a character and give them a life where they can make friends, explore, decorate their house, and so on. I think I’m so addicted to them because its a lot cheaper to build a dream house for an imaginary character than for myself, yet it still gives me some of the same satisfaction. Or at least I’m assuming it does, as I’ve never actually had a real live dream house experience to compare the fake one to! A Better World is a fun new social game on Facebook that lets you do all of those things while rewarding you for real-world acts of kindness.

The game was created by ToonUps, a digital entertainment company that focuses on encouraging altruistic behavior. The concept of A Better World is based on research that shows people who are encouraged to think about what makes them thankful and provide encouragement towards others may have improved mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


A Better World

Department of Do Good

Keeping that theory  in mind, ToonUps developed a game that allows you to share the good deeds that you do in a public way and comment on the deeds done by others, though the Department of DoGood. Every player is invited to post their daily good deed, and other players will give it a thumbs up or down, depending on whether they agree that it was, in fact, a good deed. You can also visit to the Gratitude Grotto, a place where you can express what you are thankful for.


Along with the Grotto of Gratitude and the Department of Do Good, there are 13 other different locations to explore and interact with.  These include a Sanctuary of Hope, where you can share your hopes and dreams and encourage others on theirs, an Arcade filled with uplifting mini-games, and a Better Pets Pet Shop, where you can get your virtual self an adorable puppy, fuzzy kitty, or even a unicorn.

Throughout various game tasks, you can earn Do Good Gold, which you use to buy gifts for your friends, stuff for your virtual home, and anything else you ‘ll need in the game. You earn the gold by encouraging others, and by completing missions assigned to you each day, which usually involve helping others.

There is really a lot to do, and a lot of opportunities to encourage others. I like reading the messages in the Sanctuary and lighting candles for others. I’m not a religious person, and I was relieved to see that A Better World doesn’t tailor to any one belief system, but rather the concept that there is good within all of us and we can all find a way to support each other.

Disclaimer- I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts and opinions on A Better WOrld. I received a gift card as a thank you for my participation. All thoughts and opinions are my own.