The Cake I Didn't Bake...And Other Tales From the Boy's Birthday PartyI don’t know if anyone remembers me mentioning that I was planning to bake my son’s birthday cake this year. I only mentioned it in passing, mostly because I think I realized it was a pipe dream. I thought maybe my mom could make the cake part and I could decorate it in the Spongebob theme that he wanted. It sounded like a good idea, and a great way to save money. Well, I deceived myself into believing I was actually going to do this right up until the last Tuesday. Then I came to my senses. See, I can bake cookies really well. Muffins too. Even a few types of pie! But when it comes to cakes, I’ve yet to make one that doesn’t look at dented and mangled, and when it comes to icing…forget it. It’s generally a catastrophe. I don’t even know how to put it on top of the cake with anything other than a butter knife. I couldn’t even tell you what those little things that you squeeze the icing through are called, other than “icing decoration thingies.” So on Tuesday, I came to my senses and stopped by Walmart to order a cake.  Sorry for the cut-off picture at the edge there, I was trying to take pictures with a bunch of miniature humans jumping around, and they didn’t all turn out so well.

I also planned to make the pinata. I looked it up online, bookmarked the site, and thought about how awesome it was going to look when I was done. Then I remembered that I am horrible at crafts and went to Party City and bought one. I filled it up with WAY too much candy for the amount of kids we had coming, and I’m sure the parents are oh so pleased with me now since each kid went home with a brown paper lunch bag FILLED with candy.  I apologized about twenty times for that. It was raining the day of the party, so all my outdoor plans got washed away, and I had to stand on the couch holding the pinata out on a stick. It was heavy. I’m still sore! The worst part was, that sucker would not break! The kids beat it mercilessly. Then they pulled the strings, and I lost my grip. The pinata fell and still didn’t break. At that point, the kids reverted back to their caveman roots and went savage on it. They finally got their candy though!

Fun Birthday Game Alert!

The biggest hit of the party was the one that I spent the least amount of money on. I wrote silly instructions, like “sing Twinkle Twinkle in a funny voice” and “act like a duck” on little slips of paper, inserted them into balloons, and blew the balloons up. The kids had to pop the balloons and do whatever the paper said. The had the best time with this, and I was really happy that my little party game (stolen from my friend’s mother in law, who goes the extra mile and adds prize slips to the balloons) actually went over well, since Pin the Tail on the Donkey was a flop. Jake asked me to do it again next year, and to put candy in the balloons too. I’m not sure how well that would work out. I plan to use this game for a rainy day with Jacob.

Overall, the party was a hit. Not as many kids came as I had hoped for, but the ones who did come were such awesome, fun kids, and Jake had a great time. Tuesday is his actual birthday, so we’ll be celebrating again with just me, him, my mom, and the dogs. I still can’t believe my little preemie is 6 years old now.

He’s gone from this (the very first picture ever taken of him):

Jake's First Picture


to this, taken an hour before his party started:

Jake's 6th Birthday Party


Kids grow way too fast, don’t they?