Kabongo Online Reading GamesGoGo Kabongo Online Reading GamesJacob is just learning how to read and he loves playing video games, so I’m always exciting to find new online reading games that help keep learning fun for him. I came across GoGo Kabongo when I was browsing through different affiliate opportunities (I’m very picky, it has to be something that I like as well as something I think my readers will find useful, I’ll never recommend something just to make a small commission, I promise). Since I wouldn’t feel right promoting something I haven’t tried, I convinced Jake to give it a test spin for me and tell me what he thinks. He loves the skate park feature, which allows you to build on to a simple half-pipe by earning new pieces through gameplay.

Through a series of games in different habitats, your child will learn a myriad of different skills, including memorization, letter recognition, phonics, and comprehension. The games are designed from children ages 4-7, and the characters are delightful little monsters that, in my opinion, are entirely too perky. Kids like perky though, so perky is good. The parent dashboard is nice because you can see how well your children are doing in different areas and what skill levels they’ve achieved. Sign-up was super easy too, you can either sign in with your Facebook account or with your email address.

The site offers two habitats for free (for a limited time, after that, you only get one for free), and a third one for $4.95. There are three different games in each habitat. I watched Jake play “Going Buggy” in the Laughter Lake habitat. In this game, children are presented with a scene on the right, and a small block of text on the left. Under the scene are different objects, such as bugs, musical instruments, and so on. The text tells them what objects they need to add into the scene, and where they should go. The directions are very simple, like “the worm is sitting on the green block.” In Scuba Dude, children collect different undersea treasures in a sequential order while avoiding various obstacles. The better they get at it, the harder it becomes.

The GoGo Kabongo Online Reading Games are definitely worth checking out, at least for the free habitats to see what they have to offer. I’d like to see them offer more games in each habitat at some point, but considering I already pay $4.95 per month for Jake to play a small handful of games on another site, I wouldn’t have an issue with paying a one-time fee of the same price for him to play three more games in another habitat.