Tasha Puppy

Tasha- 9 weeks old

With all the attention that my son Jake is getting and will be getting this week (his birthday is on Tuesday, June 14th), my poor, beloved German Shepherd is missing out on her fair share of birthday wishes. Tasha is 10 years old today, and still as spry as the day she came home to us when she was 8 weeks old. She is completely obsessed with playing fetch. She quite literally would play every single minute of the day if we allowed her to, which we don’t because, well, for one thing, you can only throw a ball (or stick, rubber chicken, leaf particle, bit of fuzz- she’s not particular) so often before you want to run and hide, and also because she has to stop to eat and drink once in a while! She’s showing her age a bit more these days, it’s harder for her to get up off the sofa after a rough day of playing.

Tasha also has a mild obsession with balloons. I had to hide in my son’s room today to blow up balloons for the party because she’d bark and grab at each and every one that I inflated. She likes to play some strange version of volleyball with them, bouncing them off her nose. After a few minutes, she always manages to pop them and eagerly looks for another. Today, she had to stay outside while the guests were here (thankfully it was a relatively cool day compared to the rest of the week, otherwise I would have put the dogs in the garage where it was cooler). When the kids started playing a balloon popping game, she peered in the window with an eager expression on her face. I have lots of balloons left over, so tomorrow Tasha will get her turn!

Tasha 9 years old

Tasha- 9 years old

I worry now that she’s getting older, I know I don’t have much time left with her. Her “sister,” Maia, is also going to be ten at the end of the summer. She’ll get her own birthday post (she’d be pretty upset if she didn’t, she’s the queen bee around here after all, and everyone should pay attention to her!). Tasha has always been my girl, since the moment I laid eyes on her and whispered in her ear “you will be my dog.” She was none too happy when the boy-child took up residence in HER spot in the bed at night, and she hops right in the moment he gets up. She’s a good girl, and I’m very lucky to have her. So Happy Birthday, my awesome, sweet dog! You’ll always be a puppy to me!