I recently had the opportunity to try out MyExtra Gum, the new personalized gum packages from Extra. I was provided with a coupon for five packs, which is the minimum order, and sent on my merry way to create my version of the ultimate gum package. Now, I may not be the craftiest person when it comes to making, oh say, pinatas, but I do love personalizing things and making photo gifts, and I’m usually not half bad at it. I’ve never considered personalizing my gum chewing experience before, but then again, no one ever told me that I could. I thought these would make cute promotional goodies for my blog, so I went with that theme when creating my design.

MyExtra Gum Review

Once I created an account on the MyExtra website, I clicked on the “create your pack” icon and started my personalization process. The first thing I had to do was pick a theme. Well, I didn’t want Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day or any of the holidays in between, because those didn’t really fit my intentions. All the way at the bottom of the list was a “Your Business” theme. Perfect!  Next, I had to pick a template. This is where it got trickier for me, because I wasn’t really all that excited about any of the options. There were only eight from which to choose. Of course, I could have started from a blank template, but that seemed like an awful lot of work. So I went with the one that had four different squares, changed the default pictures, added my own blog button picture, and added my text. I hit the flip the pack button, chose my background, and kept trying to hit the “next” button to finish building my design. I was really confused when I tried over and over to move forward, until I finally saw a tiny message telling me that one of my pictures needed adjusting. I wish that message had been a little bigger or more obvious, because I literally spent five minutes trying to figure out what I was doing wrong before I found it.

MyExtra GumIn the end, I finally figured it out and ordered my set of five packs of gum, in peppermint flavor. My other choices were spearmint and watermelon. I’d like to see them offer more choices in the future, perhaps cinnamon. I love cinnamon gum. Overall, the MyExtra Gum experience was fairly straight-forward and easy, except for the confusion about the picture issue. The gum came fairly quickly, although I would recommend ordering a few weeks in advance before an event where you absolutely must have the gum, just in case it takes longer. Five packs of gum cost $24.95,  with discounts for larger quantities, so it’s a little steep! Maybe this would be good for company picnics or weddings, but I can’t see paying that much for something like a birthday party or random holiday. They did come out cute though!