Supernatural: Epic JourneysAlthough Supernatural begins years after their mother’s death, the first two seasons are really a journey to discover what really happened to her. The Winchester boys comes back together after years apart, where Sam was leading as close to a normal life as possible and Dean was still hunting with his dad. But when Sam’s girlfriend dies in the same manner as his mother, and Dean shows up looking for help because their dad has gone missing, the two embark on a journey that criss-crosses the nation several times, looking for answers and battling demons of all types along the way. Throughout the entire series, the brothers take many more epic journeys, some even beyond this time and dimension.

While I’ve never taken a trip of that epic a proportion, I did embark on my own journey that, for me, was rather epic in its own way. In January of 1999, I decided I wanted to fly out to Japan to visit my then-boyfriend (currently husband, and the epitome of the Facebook status “it’s complicated”), who was stationed in Misawa with the Navy. I had never left the country before then, not even to Canada, which is rather close. I was used to flying on my own because I spent most of my childhood traveling to see my aunt wherever her husband was stationed (also in the Navy, we’re a big Navy family). But she was always stateside, and usually on the East Coast, so my travels weren’t that extensive. Also, about two years prior to this journey, my anxiety disorder kicked into high gear, so traveling to a foreign country was definitely nerve-wracking.

I survived though. In fact, I not only made it across the world by myself, but I also managed to find my hotel in a foreign city, on very little sleep, without having a meltdown. I even managed to find my way to a train station on top of a roof (and practically hidden, I swear it was guarded with magical wards to prevent me from finding it), then made it to the second airport and to my final destination without popping a single Xanax. So although I wasn’t battling demons that could tear me from limb to limb without lifting a finger or breaking a sweat, I did battle demons of my own to make that trip across the world. I was only supposed to stay for a month, but I ended up moving there and we were married on base. I lived there for over two years, and it was awesome. So no matter what else I accomplish or don’t accomplish in life, I’ll always have Japan!

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