Supernatural: Facing MonstersSupernatural: The Complete Second Season is releasing on Blu-Ray soon, and Warner Brothers Word of Mouth is promoting its release with a three week project. I recently did the Smallville project with them and loved it because they have such fun prompts. I have been a huge fan of Supernatural and those handsome Winchester boys (Dean is my favorite, although everyone else seems to prefer Sam) since the very first episode. In Season 2 of Supernatural, the Winchester brothers face a wide assortment of otherworldly creatures including werewolves, shape shifters, ghosts, zombies, vampires and a (egads!) clown demon. The clown demon freaked me out the most. I can handle shape shifters, ghosts, vampires, even zombies! But clowns…not so much.

So the question for this part of the project is this: What is your favorite monster that the Winchester brothers have battled and why? If you were to come face to face with that monster, what would you do? Well, the first part is a little tough to answer, as they’ve battled so many monsters over the years. My all-time favorite is probably Crowley, because even though he’s an evil little creep, he’s also rather witty. I like monsters with a twisted sense of humor. But my favorite season 2 monster is the trickster in “Tall Tales.” That episode was just so much fun to watch. I love when the Supernatural writers give us a break from all the doom, gloom, and end of the world by throwing in something a little different.

As for what I’d do if I came face to face with a monster, well, I like to think I’d be all brave and slay it with my wicked cool demon-hunting skills, but I’d most likely curl up in a ball and cry. Unless, of course, it was a zombie. Then I’d just walk swiftly away from it. I don’t understand why people are so scared of things that move like a half a mile per hour. I have a friend who always says that slow-moving evil things are scarier because they’re so confident that eventually they’re going to get you, they don’t even need to walk fast. But I think that’s silly. I mean, really, how are they going to catch me when I can move ten times as fast as them? It would be like me trying to catch up with a cheetah. I’ve actually already seen ghosts, so they don’t scare me much. I kid you not, my family has been haunted since the 60s. Mostly by a rather benign, friendly sort of ghost, and he tends to stay with my aunt these days. So ghosts I can handle, unless of course it’s a dark and stormy night, then I get a little nervous. Vampires have been so over-glamorized in fiction since way back in Bram Stoker’s days that they just don’t scare me. Werewolves, well, they’re human most of the time, so as long as I stay in during a full moon, I should be okay. Also, anything that can be warded off with a few good pieces of silver wear doesn’t really send shivers down my spine. Evil clowns, on the other hand, I think we’ve established that I can’t handle those. I’d be a gooey mess on the floor, begging for my life. Clowns have got to be the creepiest thing in existence.

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