Supernatural In Supernatural, those Winchester boys have experienced way more than their fair share of loss over the years. First, in the pilot of the show, their mother is killed right in front of baby Sammy by the demon with the yellow eyes. Flash forward to “present” time in that same episode, and Sam’s girlfriend is killed the same way, by being flung up on the ceiling and burning to death in a supernatural fire. After being raised and trained by their father, they lose him too in the beginning of the second season, and the Winchester boys have to learn to be a family without him. The bond that they form is very touching at times, but it’s also filled with humor and wit. They are polar opposites in personality, and they play off each other very well. Thankfully, they have Bobby to help them out, as he begins to appear in more and more episodes and take on that fatherly role.

For this part of the promotion for the release of Supernatural: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray, WB wants to know what family means to me. Well, like Bobby and the Winchester boys, I don’t think people have to share the same blood to be family. Family is the people who back you up when you’re up against some rough odds, whether its fighting yellow-eyed demons, bringing your sibling back from the dead, or embarking on a career as a professional writer and blogger. It’s the people who jump through hoops to help you out when you need it most, and never ask for anything in return. It’s your friend who flies all the way across the country to help you out after you bring home your preemie. It’s the other friend who drove you and your preemie to every specialist appointment when he came home because you couldn’t drive yourself. Of course, family is also your blood relatives. Your three awesome aunts who each play a different but equally important role in your life. It’s your grandparents who were there for you every day of your life up until the end of theirs. Family is such a broad word, it’s hard to define in a simple blog post. If you missed my first post in the project, check it out now. It’s all about facing monsters.

Check out this behind the scenes promo for Supernatural: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray. It shows some interesting details about the first episode in the season, where Sam and Dean’s father dies.

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Note- “I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Supernatural: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray.”