I’m a little obsessed with my blog, I admit it. I worked my butt off over the last six months to grow it into something I can be proud of, something that I can point to and say “I did that!” I feel like I’m really starting to get somewhere with it, and that just makes me work even harder.If I could quit my day job and devote all my working hours to Pretty Opinionated and my other personal writing (like maybe finally finishing a novel instead of scrapping it ten pages in because I change my mind about the plot), I would do it in a heartbeat. But I do wonder if sometimes I obsess just a smidgen too much.

6 Signs That May Indicate Mild to Moderate Blog OCD, In Descending Letterman-style order

6. You start to look at everything around you as a potential topic for a post, and I do mean everything. You don’t even want to know some of the things I’ve looked at and though “how can I work this into one of my two blogs?” Seriously, be glad I have some sort of mental filter.

5. You write posts in your head while standing in line, running errands, or listening to your son’s teacher principal lecture you on some random thing your child is currently being accused of doing. Okay, usually I pay attention when my kid is getting in trouble, but that time, Jake swore he didn’t do it, the evidence was inconclusive, and the guy just wouldn’t let up!

4. You write blog posts in your dreams, then wake up convinced that you actually wrote it and your dashboard ate it. You curse at the dashboard for a good ten minutes before realizing you never actually wrote the post.

3. When you’re actually writing a post for real and not in some fugue state, it is impossible to get your attention. People literally have to throw things at you before you notice them standing right in front of your face. This is why I do most of my writing when my son is sleeping or at school, otherwise I’ll end up with a concussion.

2.You begin all your public profiles with “I”m a blogger that specializes in…” and end with “oh yeah, and I have a kid.” Yes, I have done this. I figure everyone knows I have the boy child, his image is splashed all over my blog, after all! If you know I have a blog, you know I have a kid.

And the number one sign you may be a little obsessed with your blog:

1. You can recite your exact GFC, Twitter, Facebook, and Alexa Rating stats off the top of your head at any given moment. What’s worse, you DO recite those stats to anyone around you who will listen. For example “Mom! I’ve reached my 1210th follower five minutes ago!” or “Hey, congrats on your new baby! Guess what? I’m about to have a little bundle of joy of my own! My Alexa rating is due to drop below 100k any day now!” No, I’ve never done the second one, but don’t think for a moment that I’m not getting to that point very soon!