Make Nap Time More Fun with Happy Nappers!A few weeks ago, Jake came flying out of the living room, remote control in hand, DVR paused, screaming “you need to come see this! I need a Happy Napper!” My response was “A happy what?” He replied with “you just zip, pop, and squeeze, and you can be a Happy Napper too!” Yes, he memorized the entire commercial.  While he often comes flying out of various rooms yelling for me to come see something or other on TV that he desperately needs, he usually forgets about it five minutes later. But not the Happy Nappers. He remembered those a good 20 times a day. When I say he memorized the song, I mean right down the the price, shipping cost, and website address. So I did what any good review blogger mommy would do- I wrote Happy Nappers and asked if they would let me do a review. Jake was overjoyed when they agreed.

Less than two weeks later, Jake’s brand new Happy Napper Penguin arrived. Each happy napper is reversible. Basically, it starts out as a pillow that looks like the type of house your creature would sleep in. For the penguin, it starts out as an igloo. It has a little doorbell on the front, and when you “ring” it, your creature snores a bit, then wakes up. Unzip his door, pop him out, shove his house into his back, and you have a stuffed animal friend to play with!

Happy Nappers Makes Nap Time More Fun!

Make Nap Time More Fun with Happy Nappers!The penguin is super soft, amazingly cuddly, and oh so cute. I am oddly fascinated with putting him back in his house and popping him back out. Jake had a bit of a hard time getting him out all the way at first, but he got the hang of it pretty fast. The penguin is pretty big too, bigger than you think he will be when you look at the pillow part. I was worried that Jake would end up rolling over on the doorbell and setting it off when he was sleeping, but so far that hasn’t happened.  Of course, now that he has one, Jake wants to collect all the “non-girly” ones.

There are currently six different Happy Nappers, including the Igloo/Penguin, the Castle/Dragon, the Barn/Cow, Doghouse/Puppy, Bungalow.Ladybug, and the Palace/Unicorn. Each one sells for $19.99 plus shipping and handling, and a portion of Happy Nappers proceeds go to the Home Sweet Home Fund, which benefits the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation.

Disclaimer- I received a free Happy Napper for review. My opinions are my own.