There are a lot of good  movies coming out on DVD over the next couple of months that Jacob is dying to have. We did manage to see a couple of them in the theater, but others we completely missed due to time or finances. There are always so many movies that we both want to see, but movies have gotten astronomically expensive around here, especially since one theater is closed for remodeling until the fall. Here’s a look at Jacob’s upcoming movies wish list. What’s on your child’s list this year?

Most Wanted- The Movies EditionTitle: RangoMost Wanted- The Movies Edition
Release Date: July 15,2011

I did a review of Rango back when we saw it, and while I thought it was a little surreal for a kid’s movie, Jake loved it. I liked it on a whole different level, since Johnny Depp did base the lizard on Hunter S. Thompson, one of the most twisted and brilliant minds the journalism community will ever know. Plus, I have a fascination with lizards in general. I think they’re kind of cute! Except snakes. Snakes terrify me.


Most Wanted- The Movies EditionTitle: RioMost Wanted- The Movies Edition
Release Date- August 2, 2011 (according to

This is the only other one that we saw in the theaters. I thought it was funny, but had way too much singing in it. Jake likes that sort of thing though, so he loved it. My favorite part of the movies was the colors, it was such a visually appealing movie.


Most Wanted- The Movies EditionTitle: Mars Needs MomsMost Wanted- The Movies Edition
Release Date- August 9, 2011

This is one that Jake and I both really wanted to see but never got around to it. We were supposed to go with some friends, but things kept coming up, and by the time we were both on the same page, the movie was out of theaters. I love Seth Green, the voice of Milo, so I’ll watch it just to hear him talk.



Most Wanted- The Movies Edition
Title: Spooky BuddiesMost Wanted- The Movies Edition
Release Date: September 20

This one is all Jacob, although I do think they are cute movies and I am a big fan of talking animals. But Jake really loves the “Buddies” movies. He has a gigantic stuffed Butterball that I got from using my Disney Movie Rewards points.



Most Wanted- The Movies EditionTitle: ThorMost Wanted- The Movies Edition
Release Date- Estimated for September

This one is on my list as well as Jacob’s, although I will need to watch it first to make sure it’s okay for him. He’s watched all the Spiderman movies and the first three X-Men, but I should still make sure there isn’t anything that is going to require a lengthy explanation later.





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