When I was a teenager, I had awesome skin. The kind that rarely ever got a pimple. When I did get the stray monthly zit, I was that annoying girl who whined about it for hours, exaggerating it until you’d think it was Mt. Vesuvius. Only now that I’m older am I starting to realize just how annoying I was, because now my skin isn’t so awesome. Sure, I’m fairly lucky, as I still only get that random monthly pimple, but that youthful glow has been replaced with an uneven tone that can’t decide it if wants to be pale or red (there is no in-between for me). So of course I jumped at the chance to review skin care products, especially when they come from someplace as reputable as one of the most reputable names in  San Diego Dermatology, Scripps Ranch.

The Scripps Ranch Dermatology and Cosmetic Center in San Diego, California was founded by Dr. Tess Maurico, an award0-winning dermatologist, published author, and the youngest woman to ever hold the position of President of The San Diego Society of Dermatologic Surgery. Talk about girl power! She helped pioneer many of the services offered at her facility, has appeared on television and in magazines, and is simply gorgeous (so she must know what she’s doing!).  Scripps Ranch offers all sorts of dermatological and cosmetic procedures, from chemical peels to liposculpture. They also offer numerous different beneficial products, and will help you custom pick the best ones for your skin type.

Epionce Skin Care Review and GiveawaySince I live on the East Coast and couldn’t try out the services offered in person, they sent me a selection of Epionce skin care products to try out, including the Lytic Gel Cleanser, the Lytic Lotion Plus, and the Renewal Lite Facial Lotion. My package arrived during a heat wave. I was sticky, sweaty, and just plain groddy, so I decided to try the cleanser right away. I am so glad I did, because it left my face feeling a million times cooler than I felt before. One of the key ingredients is menthol, but it’s not that burning or overwhelming stuff that you use to sooth tired muscles. I didn’t even know it contained menthol until I looked up the information. It also contains Willow Bark, Date Fruit Extract, and Marshmallow Extract, all of which work together to flush out the gunk, smooth the skin, and reduce inflammation. Sure, it does all of that and leaves my skin sparkly clean, but to me, it’s key benefit is that it’s like a cool, refreshing breeze on a hot summer’s day.

After cleansing, the Lytic Lotion Plus is the next step in my new routine. It contains key botanical ingredients designed to eliminate acne and, more importantly for me, reduce redness. It really, really works. While the brochure explained that it usually takes about two weeks to notice results, I noticed a significant improvement to my skin tone within about a week, and it keeps improving. I like this lotion because it’s really light on my skin, and a little goes a long way.

The last step in the routine is applying the Renewal Lite Facial Lotion, which continues the work of the other two products, moisturizes my skin, and creates a barrier against damaging elements. So far, I am really impressed with how well these products work. My skin looks a lot better, which makes me feel a whole lot prettier. Epionce products are a little on the pricey side, but they to me, they perform well enough to make them worth the money, especially since it will last you a while. If you have problem skin and don’t mind splurging a bit, I definitely recommend checking out the Epionce skin care line. Thank you very much to Scripps Ranch for introducing me to these products.

Note- I received a free product to help with my review. My opinions are my own.