Make Delicious Soda Anytime With SodaStream!

Note- I received a complimentary product to help with this review. My opinions are my own.

I have been dying to try out the SodaStream ever since I first saw it advertised, so I was really excited when they agreed to let me review a SodaStream Fountain Jet. If you haven’t seen one yet, the SodaStream basically allows you to turn ordinary water into seltzer water or soda with the press of a button. I love  being able to mix up my own soda whenever I want, and especially like that I can control the overall sweetness by adding more or less syrup. Plus, I’m my grandmother’s granddaughter, so I’m genetically inclined to be obsessed with new kitchen gadgets.

I received a generous sampling of flavors with my kit, from the basics like Cola, Cola Free, and Ginger-Ale to more exotic flavors like Black Currant and Peach. I also received a variety pack of MyWater Flavor Essence, which lets you make soda more similar to seltzer water.  Or, you can skip the flavoring all together and just make sparkling water.

Main Benefits of the SodaStream

  • No bottles to store or recycle- use one bottle over and over again, so it’s good for the environment!
  • Less expensive in the long run- the equivalent of one can of soda or one liter or sparkling water costs just $0.25.
  • Less calories than the leading soda brands- the Cola flavor contains just 34 calories per serving, vs 100 calories per serving in the big name brands bought in stores. SodaStream’s flavors also have fewer carbs and sodium.
  • Doesn’t require batteries or electricity- just push a button on the top and the pressure in the carbonation canister does all the work.
  • Less waste, less packaging, and less transporting of soda bottles means it is better for the environment.
  • Over different flavors to choose from!

With all these benefits, the SodaStream maker seems like a great choice to help cut down on waste and spending. But obviously, all the benefits in the world aren’t going to matter unless it works. The SodaStream maker definitely does what it says it will do. It really is as simple as just screwing in the reusable bottle, pressing the button a few times, adding the flavoring, screwing on the cap, and tipping it back and forth to mix it up. Plus it’s fun! It makes a crazy buzzing sound as it carbonates the water (it’s supposed to, they say so right on the box). One note though, at first we thought it wasn’t working because we were pressing the button but nothing happened. We finally realized that you have to press a little harder than you may think, until you feel the button meet some resistance. Once we figured that out, though, it was a piece of cake.


I’ve tried several different flavors so far. The root beer is awesome, the Cola Free tastes just like the stuff you buy in the store, and the Black Currant and Pear is a really unique flavor combination. I’m working my way through the other flavors. I overindulged in movie theater popcorn today, so I’m thinking I may need to give the Ginger Ale a try. That’s another thing I love, whenever I have a stomach ache, I can just mix up a bottle of soothing Ginger Ale . No need to beg someone to run to the store!