Supernatural: The Anime- Stretching the BoundariesIn Supernatural: The Anime, pretty much anything goes. Demons are more demonic, the action is more intense, and the boundaries set forth by film are stretched to the breaking point. With film, there is only so much the cast and crew can do while staying on budget. With anime, however, the difference between a scary demon and a completely horrifying one is only a matter of pen strokes. This new look allows the Supernatural writers and actors to go in a completely different direction, delving into back stories and kicking the action up a few notches.

This week, WB Word of Mouth wants to know: If my life were to be made into a movie, would I prefer it to be on film or animated in ink? Well, that’s a tough question, as I can see the benefits of both. If I had to play myself, I’d definitely want it done in ink, as the camera adds ten pounds that I really don’t need added! I do like the idea of having a cartoon based on my life, as I do lean towards the whimsical. I did spend half my childhood looking under mushrooms for little blue creatures, after all. I know film is a more realistic medium, but I’ve never been the most realistic person. I prefer to imagine a world in which there are magical creatures like fairies and friendly dragons. If I did go with film, though, I wouldn’t really want all those CG effects. It either has to be totally realistic or completely off the wall with me, no in-between.

The other question they asked is: Has your perspective changed by looking at your life moments in a different light? Well, of course they have! I don’t think any moment looks exactly the same a few years different as it did while it was happening. Some look scarier, like “wow, I can’t believe I survived that!” and some lose their luster, like “wow, I can’t believe I thought that was so awesome, what was I thinking?”  Mostly, when I look back at my teen years, it’s the first one, because I did some really crazy things back then and often find myself amazed that I lived to remember it at all. Of course, nothing in my past is as interesting or dangerous as hunting demons and preventing the apocalypse like the Winchester brothers!


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