Chuggington: It's Training Time Review and GiveawayAlthough Chuggington is geared towards children slightly younger than Jake, I still wanted to review it because  my cousin’s son (my unofficial godson) loves the show, and all things having to do with trains. Since we were having a family get-together to say goodbye to my other cousin (who just left yesterday to join the Marines), I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to review Chuggington: It’s Training Time. Jacob did end up watching it with his cousin and they both really seemed to enjoy it. Jake’s funny, I think he still wants to watch the shows for younger kids, but he doesn’t want to admit it in front of anyone, so opportunities like these give him a chance to pretend he’s just watching it because it’s on. The show kept them busy for a while, and therefore out of any insane amount of trouble (that would come later).

Since it’s a little difficult to get a 4-year old and 6-year old to write my review, I watched some of Chuggington as well. It’s a pretty cute show! The characters all have rather cheery voices and the bright colors make it a joy to watch. The Chuggington series in general is all about slipping educational messages into an entertaining show. If I tell Jake that it’s important to, say, take a shower on a regular basis, I’m just being a nagging Mommy. But if a brightly colored train tells him it’s important, he’s more likely to listen. That’s just how it works with kids I think. Or maybe mine is just different (he’s high-spirited, if you recall from the Marley post).

Chuggington: It’s Training Time  features stories that teach kids different lessons, like setting a good example (Training Time Harrison); cleanliness (Wilson Gets A Wash); following directions (Koko And The Tunnel); diversity (Watch Out Wilson); self-confidence (Wilson’s Smooth Move) and not jumping to conclusions (Eddie Finds Time). The DVD also includes a short, 3-minute bonus episode called Running on Time that explains the importance of, as the title implies, being on time. I’m thinking airlines, buses, and doctors should all be forced to sit down and watch this episode as part of their training. Definitely a cute show, and I highly recommend it for preschoolers, especially those obsessed with trains.


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