This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of 4MyReturn for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m always losing stuff, mostly because I think I put it in a safe place, then later forget where that safe place is. Sometimes, I just lose stuff randomly while out and about because I’m just a scatterbrain. Jake loses even more stuff than I do, although he has an excuse, since he’s a kid. So, with all that misplacing and whatnot, I am really intrigued by 4MyReturn . The basic premise is pretty simple. You order the package with 16 bonding tags and 10 iron-on tags that you can put on just about anything that you don’t want to permanently lose. Each tag has a number on it that is unique to your package. You have to activate your package, and the first year is including in the initial purchase.

Okay, so say your kid losing his favorite Transformers backpack after you put the sticker on it. If someone finds the backpack, they call the phone number on the sticker, enter the special code, and you get a text message, voice message and email letting you know that someone found it, and how you can reach that person. While you could accomplish all of this by putting your name and phone number on the backpack, not everyone wants to give out their personal information. What if it was your keys that were missing? They make stickers that fit on keys too. You certainly don’t want your address right on your house key. 4MyReturn makes it so you don’t have to share your personal information to get back your missing stuff.

Now, of course this is all based on the idea that someone would be willing to go through the trouble of returning your lost item should they find it. But a study performed by the University of Michigan found that 80% of lost items are returned to the owner if the item is properly labeled. Basically, most people are genuinely good and will go the extra mile to help out their fellow humans. I know I would. It’s only $14.95 for the initial set and first year subscription fee, so it’s definitely worth trying out.