Make "Back to School" Time More Special With Tiny PrintsI love doing Tiny Prints campaign because they always have such fun topics. This time, the one I picked is “Do you have a fun BTS tradition that makes the start of the year a little more fun?” Well, this is only Jake’s second year in school, as he’s going into first grade, but we’re trying to establish our own little traditions already. When I was little, the BIG thing was picking out my own backpack and lunchbox. Later, it became picking out a backpack, folder, notebooks, and other supplies, but when you’re little, it’s all about the lunchbox. I let Jake pick whatever character he wants. This year he went with a Green Lantern lunch box and a Captain America backpack (can you tell he’s a fan of superheroes?). Speaking of lunch boxes, I like to slip little notes into his, with smiley faces and what not.

Right before school starts, we’ll have a fun week of going to state fairs and last minute summer stuff. He loves the fairs, and I’m kind of disappointed that the one starts after he’s in school, because he goes back before Labor Day. But it will give him something to look forward to for his first long weekend off! I also get him some sort of “first day of school” surprise for when he gets home, just to let him know how much I missed him. This was particularly important last year, because he cried when the bus showed up and it took about ten minutes to convince him to get on. I figured it would go a lot smoother if he knew he’d have something awesome waiting for him when he got home. I’m really hoping there wont be any tears this year. He’s looking forward to going back and seeing all of his friends.

Tiny Prints has some really cute stuff to make back to school shopping a little easier, and a whole lot more charming. For the little ones, there are lunch box notes, address labels (because you know they’re going to lose that brand-spanking-new backpack two days after school starts), play date cards, and more. For teens, there’s a variety of notebooks, dorm decorations, and moving cards (for college students who want to share their new address). They even have some great gifts for teachers, and parents can capture the memory of that first day of school with a photo album.


Disclaimer- This post was written as part of a Global Influence campaign, on behalf of Tiny Prints. I will receive a Tiny Prints gift code for my participation. However, all opinions are my own, and I only recommend products that I use or would use myself.