Biobliss Review and GiveawayI just turned 36 this year, and I’m starting to get worried about the whole aging thing. While I’m blessed with pretty good genes, I figure it’s still never too early to start working on preventing things like fine lines and wrinkles. I agreed to try out and review Biobliss because the product really intrigued me. It’s definitely a strange looking beauty product! Basically, it’s a large patch that you place on your forehead for an hour, and it pushes anti-wrinkle cream ingredients into your skin, rather that just leaving it sitting on top like traditional creams. The patch has a little battery unit attached, which activates the proprietary ions inside of it, which in turn send the gel and its ingredients into your skin.

When I first tried it on, I was a little worried about the whole battery and ion thing. I was imagining it would be something like a TENS unit, all zappy and whatnot. Actually, you don’t feel anything at all. The side of the patch that goes on your forehead is sticky, so that’s pretty much all you feel. Although I looked a little strange (my mom did a double-take as she passed by me), I barely knew the patch was there while I worked at the computer for the required hour.

After an hour, I peeled it off (it comes off easily, no yanking or pain, and believe me, if it was even slightly painful I’d be the first to whine about it) and examined the results. Now, my forehead really doesn’t have wrinkles yet. It does have those normal lines that develop from constantly looking surprised or something (I don’t know how else to describe them, but they’re starting to concern me), but no major wrinkles, so I can’t really attest to the product’s ability to reduce those. However, I did notice that my forehead felt smoother and softer overall, so the gel ingredients definitely did their job with that. The results of the patch last about a week.

One thing I really like about Biobliss is that the manufacturer doesn’t make outlandish claims about how a single application will lasts forever. I’ve done a lot of freelance writing  articles on anti-aging over the past few years, which means I’ve done a lot of research on the topic. Too many companies claim that their product can completely eliminate wrinkles. They can’t. Pretty much the only way to completely eliminate them is to get some sort of plastic surgery.  However, certain ingredients can reduce the appearance of those wrinkles, and that is what Biobliss claims to be able to do.

Biobliss should not be used on broken or irritated skin, or by anyone who is allergic to Vitamin B5,, hyaluronic acid, or Acetyl hexapeptide.


Biobliss Review and Giveaway


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