Fotobounce Photo Organizing and Sharing Software ReviewI’m one of those moms who documents nearly every second of her child’s life on film. I think I got it from my grandfather, who probably would have had a camera implanted directly into his retina if he could have. I have thousands of pictures of Jacob stored on my computer, and I love sharing them with others, but not everyone in my circle of family and friends belongs to the same site. Uploading them one by one to various different photo sharing sites, social networks, or email is tedious. Also, sometimes I want to share the entire folder with the exception of one picture where I look particularly dreadful. So I’m trying out this new photo organizing and sharing software tool called Fotobounce.

Fotobounce makes it really easy to share pictures with others. Although everyone in your group has to have it installed to use some of the features, it is a free program. It is based on the peer sharing concept, where the files reside on your computer until you allow someone else to download them from you. Basically, you download the program and let it index all your photos, then you send an invitation to the people you want to share your photos with. They download the photo and accept your invitation, becoming one of your “bouncers” (the name for the members of your network). From there, you can share any pictures that you want with them.

The nice thing about Fotobounce is that you retain total control over the privacy of your pictures. You can decide to share entire collections or just a few of the pictures in it with your bouncers, all with the click of a button. Speaking of collections, you can group your photos based on which collection you want them to appear in as well as by events, keyword, and places, making it great for getting those 5,000 pictures organized.

Of all the features, so far my favorite is the face recognition one. Currently, I have about 3,000 unidentified faces. I started with closer to 4,000, and it only took me about five minutes to pare it down a bit. The “unidentified faces” panel pulls just the faces from all your picture. Once you start identifying them by typing the name into your people list, the software starts making suggestions for other faces. You can click one button to confirm or deny that the pictures shown are of the person the software thinks it is (did that make sense?). So far, it’s been right about 90 percent of the time.

Fotobounce Photo Organizing and Sharing Software Review

Fotobounce has tons of other fun features. You can connect to your Facebook account and see all the pictures in your albums and those of your friends, download photos to your computer, or share them on Twitter or Flickr (as long as you connect your accounts to Fotobounce). The remote access features allows you to access your pictures from any device that has a web browser, and FotoMail lets you send pictures to your computer from other devices.

I am having so much fun with this program, and I highly recommend checking it out. Fotobounce is available both as an ad-supported free version and an ad-free paid version for $49. The ads in the free version are very unobtrusive, just a banner across the top of the page. Download Fotobounce here.





Disclaimer- I was compensated for writing this review, however my opinions are completely my own. I only recommend products and services that I use or would use myself.