Book Review: The World's Greatest Christmas CookiesTitle: The Worlds Greatest Christmas Cookies
Author: Compiled by the Snapdragon Group
Publisher: Daymaker
Release Date: 9/1/2011

I may not be even remotely adept when it comes to cooking a meal, but the one thing I can do is bake cookies. Christmas cookies, to be more precise. Sure, I can bake cookies other times of the year, but something about the cold winter air, the Sounds of the Season station playing on my TV, and the whole holly jolly vibe imbues me with more patience and talent when it comes to baking those festive necessities. Actually, the bulk of my talents lean towards drop cookies, I can’t do any of that fancy decorating stuff. I did make gingerbread men last year because Jake begged me to, and half of them even managed to keep all of their limbs! But I can’t really do those cute sugar cookies dressed up like Santas or anything fancy. Which is why I was super excited when I saw the cookies in The World’s Greatest Christmas Cookies book. So many of them are actually easy!

The book is relatively short at about 160 pages, but they cram a ton of recipes into those pages, and most of them have delicious looking photographs. I’m one of those bakers that really needs pictures, otherwise I have no idea if my cookies turned out right. The book is divided into sections that include drop cookies, bar cookies, filled cookies, no-bake cookies (which I never understood because there’s still always some element of cooking involved, and to me, “no-bake” should mean “throw ingredients together, smush around, and eat.”), rolled cookies, and a special section on frosting. The authors intersperse little tips throughout the book, like how to make sure your cookies bake evenly.

You’ll find a large selection of the more traditional cookies in here, like Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies, Pumpkin Cookies, gingerbread men, and Snickerdoodles, but many of the recipes are for cookies that I’ve never even heard of and can’t wait to try. Cookies like Caramel Apple, Potato Chip cookies and Honey Drops. That’s just in the drop cookies section! In the bar cookie section, the Toffee Bars and the Turtle Bars look absolutely amazing. The no-bake section does actually have some cookies that do actually consist of “squash these ingredients together, chill, and eat” although in much more eloquent baking terms.  I’m getting really hungry just thinking about all the awesome cookies in this book. The recipes are easy to follow, and that’s saying a lot coming from me, because I have a hard time understanding microwave instructions on frozen dinner’s sometimes.

Although it’s called The World’s Greatest Christmas Cookies, this book is perfect year round for any time that you’re in the mood to bake something yummy.


Note- I read this book for free through Netgalley.