Jarritos Mexican Soda ReviewWhen it comes to actual soda, I typically prefer unique flavors to the average cola. Usually I drink the diet stuff, so when I have a “real” soda, I want it to be something fun. Jarritos Mexican soda definitely fits the “unique” requirement, with flavors like “Jamaica” with its hibiscus flavor, “Mango,” and “Tamarind.” They also make more traditional flavors, like “Mexican Cola” and “Mandarin.” Jarritos sent me a case with various different flavors to try, and it took me some time to get through them because I tried to limit them to one a day.

My favorites are definitely the Jamaican, Tamarind, and Mandarin. It’s hard to describe what hibiscus tastes like, but it’s kind of a mild yet tangy fruity taste. Tamarind is also a pretty subtle flavor that is hard to describe. The Mandarin, on the other hand, is just plain old fresh-picked citrus fruity goodness. I couldn’t really get on board with the pineapple, as that’s never been one of my favorite flavors for anything, but I imagine it would go great in a recipe to give it an extra kick. All of the flavors are sweetened using real sugar rather than the high fructose corn syrup found in other products today, so they’re not sickeningly sweet at all, but rather a light taste-bud treat. They also seem to be less overwhelmingly carbonated than other sodas, which is a definite plus for me.

Jarritos Mexican Soda Review

Interesting Facts About Jarritos

  • It was developed back in 1950 by Don Francisco “El Güero” Hill because he wanted to use natural plant extracts to create soft drinks that reflected Mexico’s traditional flavors.
  • The name “Jarritos” comes from the clay pottery jugs that were traditionally used in Mexico to drink everything from coffee to water. The pottery kept the drinks cooler back in the days when they couldn’t pop an ice-cube into their cups.
  • Their Tamarind soda was the first beverage in Mexico with that flavor.
  • Jarritos is packaged in glass bottles, which not only adds to its charm, but in my opinion makes it taste better. Maybe it has something to do with glass bottles reminding me of yesteryear (I think they were on their way out around the time I was old enough to drink soda for the first time), and I’m convinced everything tasted better 60 years ago.

Jarritos has an awesome Facebook page filled with activities and promotions, such as a daily scavenger hunt where you can follow clues to win free soda and some cool Jarritos swag. You can also sign up for their Club Jarritos on Facebook, and redeem your cap codes for points that you can redeem for more swag as well as gift cards to places like Toys R’ Us, Old Navy, and Game Stop.