Light Up the Night with FyrflyzWhat do you do when it is as dark outside as it is inside and your kid is close to wearing out the batteries on the DS that you had the good instincts to charge before the hurricane arrived? Break out a brand new light toy that you just received for review, of course!The wonderful people at Mom Select have excellent timing. My Fyrflyz package arrived two days before my power quit on me, and I hadn’t gotten around to breaking them out yet. So even though I was whiny and miserable because I couldn’t get online, at least Jake had something new to keep him occupied with for a bit.

Fyrflyz are kind of like a yo-yo, except the spinner is in the middle. It has two LED lights inside, so when you play with it in the dark, you can put on some fun light shows. I tried to take video, but it didn’t really come out all that clear. Plus you can hear my mom in the background yelling “representative!” into the phone because she was trying to get through to Met-Ed and the automated robot man was arguing with her or something. But the point is, they’re really neat to see in the dark. They come in three different color combinations, including red and white, blue and multicolored, and green and white. Once you get them really spinning and going, they look like a laser light show.

Each Fyflyz comes with an instruction sheet that tells you how to perform some neat tricks, like flaming disc, sun blast, and sydwinders. For something so simple, they’re really quite entertaining. Although they look best in the dark, they can also be played with on a bright sunny day. The LED light shows up even when the rest of the lights are on (not that I would know anything about that these last few days, I’m typing this by the light of the computer, which is currently hooked up to a generator). But you  really should take them into the dark to get the full effect. Since my video didn’t take, here is the official one from the website:

Buy Them: Fyrflyz are available at Toys ‘R Us for $10 each.


One reader will win their own Fyrflyz light toy. This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18+.  Giveaway ends on 9/12 at 11:59PM. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email.