Monkey QuestIf you haven’t heard of it yet, Monkey Quest is a relatively new online gaming craze for school-age children. The game takes place in the World of Ook, and your child controls an adorable monkey as he, obviously, quests throughout the jungle and other environs. The majority of the game is free, but you can use Nick Cash to buy special items or sign up for a paid membership to unlock extra trails. Throughout the game, your monkey travels with his special companion, a chameleon that offers advice and tips. The game is designed for kids age 8-12, but Jake is only six and he gets around pretty well. He occasionally needs to ask me to read him something, but other than that, I haven’t had to provide much assistance.

Gameplay itself is fairly straight-forward. Kids use the arrow keys and the mouse to move around the vibrantly colored world. The graphics are really good, but it does take some time to load, at least on Jake’s older computer.  He’s using an older laptop that is slowly dying a terrible death. Still, once it loads up, he doesn’t really have any issues, and the game is fine on my computer (which is better than Jake’s, but not exactly top of the line or anything).

One great thing about Monkey Quest is that the free parts of the game are expansive. I’ve noticed that when some games offer a free account, they drastically limit what your child can do without springing for the membership account. But Jake has been playing for well over a month and has yet to run out of things to do. Still, he has been begging for a full membership account, so when MomSelect put out a call for bloggers to try out the game, and I jumped right on that one.

Monkey Quest ReviewMy Nickelodeon Game card came a few days later, so I got Jake set up right aay and surprised him when he came home from summer camp. He was ecstatic and jumped on the computer as soon as we walked in the door to see what new trails he unlocked.

The card is part of a Toys ‘R Us promotion, which is running from 7/31 to 8/8. Through the promotion, if you purchase a $25 game card, you get $15 worth of free gameplay, which is rewarded as an extra month on your subscription. So basically, I got three months worth of playing time for the price of two. Plus you get an exclusive bonus item for your child’s little monkey.

You can also find all sort of Monkey Quest news, tips, and tricks on their Facebook page.