I am looking for authors to write guest posts on Pretty Opinionated. This is your chance to tell the world (well, at least the part of it that follows my blog, but since I’m bent on global domination, eventually the whole world will bend to my will and read my blog) who you are, what you’ve written, and why we should read your book. Guest posting is open to authors of all genres, as long as the post itself is family friendly. While I’m far from puritanical myself, I do try to make Pretty Opinionated appeal to a wide audience, which means making sure people can read it at work or with their child in the same room. I am planning to make this a weekly segment called “Author Spotlight” or something to that effect. I haven’t decided on a name yet (suggestions are welcome).

What to include in your guest post:

  • Your post in the body of an email.  This is fairly obvious, you can’t write a guest post without writing a guest post. If you prefer to do the HTML formatting yourself, go for it, although it’s not necessary.
  • A brief bio. Include a brief bio so my readers know who you are. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and you can link to your own blog or website in it.
  • A picture of some sort. Posts always look prettier with pictures, so throw one in for me. Use your own lovely face, a cover of your book, or anything else that relates to your post. Either send it as an attachment with your post or give me the link and I’ll grab it for you.

A few basic guidelines and rules:

  • Obviously, since you are writers, I shouldn’t have to tell you to make sure that your post is mostly grammatically correct.
  • The post must be unique content that will only be published on Pretty Opinionated.
  • Make it interesting. While the content is up to you, if it just reads like a sales pitch, I most likely wont publish it. Talk about your characters, yourself, what makes your book interesting, or some life experience that led you down the writing path. Bryan Cohen’s guest post is an excellent example (note, a giveaway is not necessary, that was something extra he was doing as part of his blog tour).
  • No affiliate links. You may link to your book on Amazon or some other site, but please do not make them affiliate links.

I think that’s about it. Posts will be published in the order they are received and approved by me EXCEPT in cases where it is part of a blog tour or the author has a release date coming up for which they need extra publicity. If you need it to publish on or by a specific date, tell me in your email and I’ll work with you. I’m very easy to work with.

Send your guest posts, biographical info as you would like it to appear with your post, and your image or link to image to [email protected] I will email you to let you know I received it and again when it goes live on the site.