Supernatural: The MakeoverThis is the last week of the Supernatural: The Anime Series DVD and Blu-Ray project for Warner Brother’s Word of Mouth project, and it’s a fun task! In the anime version of Supernatural, some of the characters had to undergo major makeovers so they better fit into the animated style, so this week, Warner Brothers wants to know “If you could makeover yourself in order to explore new situations, who would you make yourself into and where would you explore?”

Where do I start? I’ve been really into the whole “end of the world” fiction craze lately, so that may be a good place to start. First I would make myself into a super-hot animated chick with major butt-kicking skills. Ooh, I’d give myself wicked sword-fighting skills! And acrobatic skills, let’s not forget those. Every awesome animated super-fighter chick needs to be able to leap into the air, execute a perfect back flip, and land a kick square in the bad guy’s face. I would need those skills in my crazy new world. Maybe I’ll explore a post-apocalyptic environment, like after the Yellowstone Supervolcano has erupted and the world is on the brink of destruction. Or, equally as terrifying, the shopping mall during the holiday season.

On the other hand, I’ve always wanted to be a virologist, exploring the deep recesses of tropical jungles looking for the source of a deadly outbreak. For that makeover, I’d have to give myself immunity to all diseases on the planet, and make sure that I am completely unattractive to things like giant mosquitoes. Or perhaps I’ll go with something a little more tame and relaxing, like an underwater paradise. I could become a mermaid and explore the lost city of Atlantis. Although, I’d have to make myself over so I actually knew how to swim, since that’s never been a strong suit of mine. I don’t like to put my head under water without holding my nose.

So many possibilities! Of course, none of these adventures really fit in with being a mom, and that really is the most exciting adventure of my lifetime. Luckily, my son loves me just how I am. Although I don’t think he’d mind terribly if I had some sort of magical powers to make every toy he sees appear in his bedroom simply by wiggling my nose or something.

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