System Mechanic 10.5 ReviewBefore Jake was born, I used to keep up on all the computer technology and random software tips and tricks for every operating system that I owned. I was practically a computer geek! Then, when Jake came along, I just didn’t have time to follow all my former interests, and the ins and outs of technology was one of the things that made it to the chopping block. Sure, I still keep up with the major news and I can still diagnose most software issues that affect family and friends, but I no longer remember how to tweak my registry, overclock my system,  or any of the other little things that go into maintaining and improving a computer. Fortunately, software like System Mechanic 10.5 takes a lot of the guesswork and research out of the equation, allowing me to basically click buttons and be done with maintenance.

I tried it out on my half-way decent Dell desktop PC and my son’s “on it’s last leg” Acer laptop. Jake loves playing computer games, but the Acer drags during most of the newer ones. My computer works fine, but I figured there was probably a lot of gunk on it that got left behind over the last two years. I used System Mechanic 10.5 on my computer first, and it found a whopping 8.5 gigs of junk. I clean my Firefox and Chrome cache out regularly, but there was still tons of stuff that didn’t get dumped. Once I cleaned it up, I definitely noticed a major difference with Chrome. I play Frontierville on Facebook, and that game always lags like crazy, but after I cleaned up the browsers, it’s loading a bit faster.

Jake’s computer needed a lot more work. I defragged the drives, optimized the memory, and dumped the gunk. His games seem to be running a lot better now, and it doesn’t take two thousand years for the system to boot up (I may be exaggerating a bit, although not much, it was really slow) anymore. I like that the software is extremely easy to use. Basically, you click a few buttons and you’re done. I also like that you can opt for the more advanced cleaning methods by having it show you all the problems it found, then choosing which ones you want to fix. I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to my computer, so this definitely made me feel a little more secure.

System Mechanic 10.5 can be used on all the PC’s in your house with a single license, since they removed the 3-PC limit. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP. In case you’re wondering, my PC is running Windows 7 and Jake’s, unfortunately, is running Vista. I didn’t have issues installing it on either system. Don’t forget, System Mechanic 10.5 is part of my Back To School Giveaway prize package!