Taking Charge of My Clutter the Digital Way With AboutOne

In a week from today, Jake will be starting first grade. Now, I’ve only been through this whole “first week of school” thing once as a parent, but if it’s anything like Kindergarten, I imagine there will be a flurry of paperwork to complete sometime that first week. Somewhere in the depths of my desk cabinet, I still have all the copies of last year’s paperwork, where they’ve been sitting in a lovely “to file eventually” pile. While Jake’s goals for this school year is to make it through at least a week without getting in trouble, mine is to take control of all the paperwork that gets sent home, weed through everything from last year, and figure out how to declutter my life in general. Aside from all of Jake’s school records, I also want to get my important documents all in one location. It would be nice not to have to search through my computer, messed up filing cabinet, and external hard drive every time I need to find a tax return from a previous year, my resume, or some random pin number that I saved as a text document, then promptly forgot about.

To help me with this monumental task, I’m using AboutOne, a new website/productivity tool that provides a digital filing system and more, so much, much more. I can scan in all my paper documents and upload my digital docs, and file them by family member, keep track of car maintenance, and store information about my valuables (you know, all my diamonds and rubies that I have lying around the house).  I saved so much of Jake’s work from Kindergarten because I’m very sentimental. Some of it really should be saved for all of eternity, but other stuff, like the random coloring pages, probably don’t need to be preserved for future generations. Since I can’t seem to let go of them completely, I figure scanning them in and storing them in my digital filing cabinet will appease me. I really like how AboutOne provides little suggestions on how to get organized, by offering suggestions on ways to use their service.

AboutOne is currently offering a 17-day free trial. The nice thing about this trial is that you choose which 17 days to use it. If you don’t log into your account on a specific day, it doesn’t count as a day in the trial. If you like what you see, you can sign up for the Yearly Plan for $30.


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