Zippies: Awesome Pals That Hang AroundJake is at the age where he likes to keep up with the hottest new “crazes,” and while I’m sure I should be encouraging him to not jump on bandwagons, I remember the fun of collecting and trading things like jelly bracelets, Garbage Pail Kids stickers, and what not when I was his age, so I indulge him as much as possible. One of the benefits of running a review blog is that he gets to try out up-and-coming crazes before any of his friends. This year, Zippies is sure to be the must-have item for kids of all ages. These “pals that hang around” are incredibly adorable yet highly functional. To kids, they’re collectable little creatures (they kind of look like cropped close-ups of animal faces) that they can wear or hang on just about anything they own. To parents, they’re a unique ID tag that will help keep their children’s gear from getting lost, especially in a sea of identical backpacks and lunch boxes.

Zippies: Awesome Pals That Hang Around The back of each Zippies character has a space to put a name and phone number (either yours or your child’s). You could even turn these into super-cool medical ID necklaces by putting your child’s allergies on the back. The keyring part allows you to attach them to backpack zippers, purses, belt loops and more while the adjustable cord makes it easy to identify drink bottles. Jake thinks they’re awesome and has already allocated each of his to a specific item (except for the pink one, he’s giving that to his friend if he gets to see her before she moves). They really are as cute and vibrant as they appear in the picture, and quite sturdy too!

Other Great Benefits of Zippies

  • Cuts down on waste. Use them to mark water bottles so no one is confused about which drinks belongs to which child. No more tossing half-full bottles.
  • Helps reduce the spread of germs. Marking each bottle clearly prevents kids from accidentally drinking out of someone else’s bottle.
  • Halts tantrums from lost “lovies.” Put your name and phone number on the back of a Zippies character and clip it to your child’s favorite stuffed animal. That way, if the lovey gets left behind and someone finds it, they have a way to contact you.
  • No more “hey, that one is mine!” arguments. Since each one is labeled, even if kids play with them in groups, everyone knows which ones belong to them at the end of playtime.

Buy them: Zippies Series #1 features ten different cute characters, including Faina the frog, Flops the bunny, Tazmo the tiger and more.  Individual Zippies are $3.99 each, or get a set of five for $15.95,  or all ten of Series #1 for $29.95. Shipping is free when ordering through the Zippies online store.