Linda Rohrbough on The War In Our Own BackyardWe think the war in the Middle-East is being fought by our troops over there. But what if it has crept into our own backyard, without us evening knowing it? And the everyday things we have in our homes are being used to turn our own children against us? Is this happening? Is there something we can do to stop it?

The answer to all these questions is yes.

I uncovered the manner under which we’re being attacked after I lost my nephew, Daniel Rohrbough. Danny was gunned down by his peers at Columbine High School. One of the things that tipped me off that this was bigger than just angry and sick teenagers after revenge was a series of unusual events after the shooting.

The first was when I attended the Columbine memorial service. I recognized General Colin Powell at the center of the platform, in full military dress. He was never mentioned or introduced, and he never spoke. He was just there.

Powell is an expert on the Middle East, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and credited for successful execution of Operation Desert Storm, which expelled the Iraqi army from Kuwait. The image of his strong, solemn presence on the platform at the Columbine Memorial Service never left me.

Trying to make sense out of this, I followed the reports after Columbine. I noticed the Columbine shooters bragged theirs would be the first and best of many others. As time passed, it was obvious they were right and I followed the reports of those shootings as well. But I wanted to know, how could the Columbine Shooters have known what was to follow? For months after Columbine, authorities looked for an adult third-party due to the complexity and the planning involved. But no such third-party was ever found.

Also, the teenage shooters low-level formatted the hard disk drives of their computers before heading out to kill – not just at Columbine, but in other school and church shootings as well. I have written technical computer books and have performed a low-level format on computer hard drives. This is no small task. It takes hours for the computer to physically write zeros over every bit of data on a hard drive. I only did it when a computer was so virus-ridden, there was no other way to salvage it. Since school and church shooters often publicly announce their plans on the web and leave written documents for their families and friends to find, my question was what was on their computers that they didn’t want anyone to find?

Fortunately, in two cases, the authorities got to computers before the low-level format was complete. First, in a school shooting in Paris, and second, when a teenager in Florida flew his dad’s plane into a building. In both cases, e-mails traced back to Al-Qaeda operatives. The teenage boy with the plane had notes in his pocket praising Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. Most recently, three teens in Louisiana were caught before shooting and are being held on conspiracy to commit terrorism charges. The investigator involved said the planning behind that school shooting was the most sophisticated he’d ever seen. Not a week later, a teenage boy in Tampa, Florida was stopped before he could execute his bombing plot to murder 32 people at his school.

My research, and the evil feel around Columbine, led me to write my new suspense novel, The Prophetess One: At Risk, published on April 20th, 2011, the 12th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. My heroine is very pregnant, which means she’s not only physically almost helpless, but she’s custodian of a life. And she’s computer savvy. In the book, she uncovers that we are indeed, in a very different kind of war. But it’s one we can win by reclaiming the proper relationship men can have with their children, especially with their sons.

Number one New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber said, “This is a fast-paced, thrilling, edge-of-the-seat reading. The Prophetess One: At Risk had me flipping the pages and holding my breath.”