ShmirshkyTitle: Shmrisky
Author: E
Publisher: Voice

I’m only 36, so I figure I still have a while before I have to start worrying about menopause. But then again, I’m 36! It could start happening in just a few years! Almost all of the women in my family had hysterectomies before reaching menopause age, so I really have no frame of reference to figure out when it typically starts in my gene pool. Then there’s the whole pre-menopause thing to worry about. What is that? Is it like some sneak preview of coming attractions? I’m all about catching the previews, but this one I could really do without.  I get hot flashes already, and think “oh no, it’s happening!” Then I realize that my weird habit of wearing knee socks and long pajama pants in 80+ degree weather may have something to do with it. I worry about things like hormone replacement therapy because I’m morally opposed to the way they make most of the prescription brands. So when I was offered a chance to review the strangely named Shmirshky, I took it because I’m going to have to start thinking about all of this stuff sooner or later.

Since September is National Menopause Month, it’s the perfect time to review a book like Shmrishky by E. Menopause is pretty much a fact of life for just about every woman. Whether you go through it naturally or it’s induced by a hysterectomy like most of the women in my family, it’s going to happen once those ovaries stop releasing eggs and all the lovely hormones that go along with it. In Shmirshky, the author tackles pretty much every aspect of menopause in very short and humorous chapters. The information is very straight-forward and free of fluff. Best of all, it’s written in a way that anyone can understand.

The conversational tone makes the experience more like a chat with a close friend than invoking feelings of sitting in a lecture hall struggling to keep your eyes open. In a mere 192 pages, E. covers all the major symptoms of menopause (hot flashes, mood swings, sleep deprivation and so on), hormone replacement therapy, how to find the right doctor,  how to interpret all those numbers on your lab work, and even things you should consider before saying “yes” to a hysterectomy. The back of the book has both fun terms and not-so-fun terms related to menopause, an excellent section of resources, and even a few pages for you to jot down notes or use as a journal.

I recommend this book for women of all ages, and even the men in their lives. Even if you’re decades away from worrying about this stuff, chances are your mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, or someone else close to you is close to or already dealing with menopause.

Deal Alert: In honor of National Menopause Month, ShmirshkyBook Review: Shmirshky: The Pursuit of Hormone Happiness is available for the Kindle for $2.99. The hardcover book is also available for $15.74.