PetSmart recently released a brand new line of pretty cat feeding products designed by none other than that master of decorating, Martha Stewart (also known as “the woman I am not”). I know I neglect them even more than my dogs on this blog, but I do have cats, and they are far messier eaters than my dogs are. In fact, I think they’re messy eaters than Jake ever was, and that boy could fling food across the room like it was no one’s business! Carrying bowls for more than one cat is also a bit of a challenge, especially since mine eat in the laundry room with a gate up to keep the dogs from stealing their food. Between their food and water, I usually make two trips or try to balance the bowls between my fingers. If you’ve been paying attention and know what a klutz I am, you can clearly see how this could be a bad idea!

For this review, I received the new Martha Stewart Double Feeder and the Silicon Feeding Mat. The Double Feeder has a couple of neat features that I really like. First, the metal part in the middle is removable, which means the entire thing is super easy to clean. Second, the silicon lids seal on tight, so it’s great for traveling as well as simply carrying more than one feeder up to your “cat room.” I also really like the light blue color. The picture below is more “true to life” than my picture up there to the left. I was going for the whole “natural light” thing, but didn’t consider the trees. I really need to take some photography classes!

The Silicon Mat is really good for keeping messes in one spot. It has a nice high lip around the entire edge to keep splashes and spillage on the mat rather than all over the floor. Although the feeders are designed for cats, they’d also be great for really small dogs, like the breeds that people carry in their purses (seriously, someone, please explain this trend to me, as I have big dogs that wouldn’t even fit in my suitcase, let alone my purse). The only suggestion I have regarding these products is to make them available in more colors, as the light blue may not match everyone’s decor.

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