Note- For those of you who haven’t seen season 3 of Fringe and managed to avoid any talk about it, this post contains spoilers. This is a promotional post as part of the Warner Brother’s Word of Mouth Campaign for Fringe: The Complete Third Season on DVD

Fringe Season ThreeSeason three of Fringe drove me a little batty, in a good way, with the Olivia/Peter/Olivia triangle. I mean, what could be worse than competing against yourself for the guy of your dreams? Throughout the season, Peter and Olivia finally get together, except it’s not our Olivia that he falls for, it’s Fauxlivia. But Peter doesn’t know that, he thinks it’s regular Olivia. Meanwhile, real-Olivia is trapped in the Alterverse, and the only thing really keeping her going is how she feels about Peter. Even when she thinks she’s Fauxlivia, he still manages to infiltrate her thoughts and guide her back to where she belongs.

When Olivia comes back to her own world, she realizes that Peter had this whole relationship with the woman who stole Sure, it wasn’t Peter’s fault that he was fooled, but then again, maybe he should have realized that Fauxlivia was completely different than Olivia. After all that, it turns out the Peter is kind of in love with both of them, although he tries to deny his lingering feelings for the woman who tricked him. So the burning question becomes- which Olivia should Peter choose? Fringe never makes anything easy, especially relationships! I, of course, want Peter to choose the real Olivia, because she’s the one that he first started to fall for, and she’s the one that lives in this world now. But then again, Peter isn’t from this world in this first place, so maybe by fate he belongs with Fauxlivia. Plus she did have his baby, in what had to be the fastest pregnancy in this history of television. But still, I’d rather see him end up with the original Olivia. Of course, with the way they ended last season, who knows if he’ll end up with anyone at all. I guess we’ll find out when the new season of Fringe starts on September 23. I’m a little worried that they were moved to Friday though, that’s pretty much the prime-time dead zone.

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