Poor men: once upon a time, all they ever had to worry about after a first date was making sure to find a phone number of the girl scribbled inside a matchbook. It turns out women are a lot more naturally enabled to detect what’s on the mind of their potential mates than scientists previously thought. Specifically, research shows that women are capable of telling when a man is thinking about sex. It turns out the secret is in the sweat.

The American Psychological Association performed a study nearly a decade ago that simply consisted of collecting the sweat of a series of men, some of which were sexually aroused at the time the samples were taken. Women instructed to smell the assortment of sweat samples were more times than not able to tell when a sample came from a man who was sexually aroused.

For those familiar with the basic tenets of mammalian biology, these findings come as no surprise. The vast majority of species in the animal kingdom employ the use of scent-based pheromones when attempting to attract a mate. Scientists for years have debated whether or not this skill continues to linger within the human gene pool. The elimination of pheromone-based mating is what led to the natural purveyance of families and permanent mating between two partners (the absence of scent-based clues meant humans had to essentially guess when to mate.) Therefore many experts believe the ability has long-since been lost by humans.

But the evidence is indicating otherwise. Women still evidently have the power to detect pheromones in males, even if they aren’t aware of it. When the subjects were told to sniff the samples, their determination of the sweat’s sexual signal were not based on their testimony. Instead their brain activity was recorded. The result was proof that when women smelled the sweat of men with sex on the brain, their brains knew it subconsciously.

Men still have a trick up their sleeves when it comes to keeping their thoughts to themselves: deodorant. Perfumes and other items that disguise or coat over natural body odor seriously infringe on a woman’s ability to detect when a man is in the mood for love.

With that said, it becomes obvious what lesson should be learned from these findings: fellas, it never pays to not take a shower.