I’m always kind of weary about getting invested in a new television show because as soon as I start to really get into it, the networks yank it. It seems like if you don’t blow people away within the first two episodes, you’re history. Shows don’t get much of a chance to prove that their worthy of a spot in prime-time, unless of course they’re some type of cruddy reality show featuring a mean judge and people trying to prove they have some sort of talent. Those seem to stay around no matter how much I beg the television gods to make them stop coming.

Nevertheless, every year I check out all the new shows and make my calender of what I plan to watch each night (not only am I a TV junkie, I’m a highly organized one at that). With the ones I end up liking, I cross my fingers and hope for the best, all the while knowing that this new relationship can end at any time. These are the new Fall 2011 TV shows that I’m most looking forward to checking out, starting with Monday nights because everyone knows the week really begins on that day. Sorry, Sunday, it’s time to give up your throne.

New Fall 2011 TV Shows: What Are You Looking Forward To?Terra Nova (Fox, Monday 8pm EST, Premiers 9/28/11)– This one is on Fox, so the chances of it making it through even half of the first season are probably slim to known (remember Firefly? I’ve yet to forgive them for that). I don’t know if even Steven Spielberg’s name can keep it safe. This show starts way in the future, in 2149, when the Earth is, of course, practically doomed. A team of scientists discover a way to go back in time and pretty much start civilization all over again. The show centers on the Shannon family, a relatively normal family (note, TV’s version of normal, meaning everyone is super gorgeous) who have recently arrived in the past. I’m looking forward to it because I love the whole “the earth is doomed, let’s try to start over and not screw it up worse by altering the entire timeline” paradox that time-travel shows present.

New Fall 2011 TV Shows: What Are You Looking Forward To?Ringer (CW, Tuesday 9PM EST, Premiers 9/13/11)   I can’t even tell you how excited I am to see Sarah Michelle Geller back on TV. I was a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I’ve probably watched the entire series from start to finish a good five times. This time, Geller plays both Bridget and Siobhan, a set of twin sisters each with their own major issues. Bridget in on the run from the mob and flees to her sister’s house. Siobhan goes overboard on a boating trip and vanishes, and Bridget finds out her sister’s life wasn’t exactly free of skeletons in the closet either. The show also features Jason Dohring from another one of my favorites, Veronica Mars, as a recurring character. Yay!


New Fall 2011 TV Shows: What Are You Looking Forward To?Person of Interest (CBS, Thursday 9PM EST, Premiers 9/22/11)- CBS is usually a little kinder to their new shows, and with JJ Abrams’ name attached to this one, hopefully it will go okay. Of course, Abrams was also part of the bomb “Undercovers” that premiered last season. Let’s hope that was a fluke, since his shows usually rock. I’m so excited to see the awesome Michael Emerson back with Abrams, as I loved him as Ben on Lost. In the show, Emerson is a billionaire who teams up with a former CIA agent, and the two of them work to prevent crimes before they happen. I’m not sure if there is some element of the supernatural involved in how they determine who is going to commit a crime, but I’m looking forward to finding out.


So it’s a pretty short list this year. Usually there are five or six new shows that I’m looking forward to. I’m considering Grimm (NBC, 10/21) and Once Upon a Time (ABC, 10/23), but I haven’t seen enough about them yet to be sure. What new Fall 2011 TV shows are you most looking forward to checking out?