I have a last-minute prize addition for the Rafflecopter Round Up, which will be underway at 9am today. Lily, an incredibly busy entrepreneur and owner of numerous different sites has offered up a $25 VIP Concierge and Dining Card giving access to thousands of restaurants nationwide, as well as 10 minutes of concierge service via phone. What can you do with those 10 minutes? How about call up and ask for hotel recommendations when you’re on the road and lost? Or find a great Italian restaurant the next town over?

FatBurningCoffeeorTea.com primarily sells several different coffee and tea products designed to help you burn fat while enjoying your favorite hot beverage. It works by preventing the sugar crash that leaves you grabbing for the closest candy bar. I love the idea of turning my absolute favorite substance in the world (coffee, in case you’re new here) into a fat-burning machine.

If you’re looking for a dream vacation at an affordable price, visit LilyWorldTravel.biz, a DreamTrips affiliate site. This is definitely one of the prettiest travel sites I’ve ever seen. DreamTrips offers discounted rates on everything from hotel rooms to vacation packages with a paid membership. I’m way too broke to be going on any trips anytime soon, but this would be great for people who travel a lot.

The very busy Lily also runs ShopQualityAndValue.com, an eCosway shopping site that offers discounts for paid members. If you plan on buying $40 worth of stuff in one order, you can get the VIP shopper membership for free. Use Sponsor ID#US108131D on the sign-up form if you decide to do this.

As if that isn’t enough to keep her busy, Lily also runs VitaminsKidsLove.com, a Vitamin Friends affiliate site that sells kid-friendly vitamins with super cute characters on the front and all the vitamins and minerals children need to help keep them healthy.

Now I feel kind of bad getting overwhelmed with running just one site! Well, two if you count my personal blog on which I never remember to post. Thank you very much to Lily for her generous contribution to the Rafflecopter Round Up prize package!