Rafflecopter Roundup Sponsor Spotlight: Expressionables

The Rafflecopter Roundup giveaway event, hosted by Makobi Scribe and Simply Stacie, is starting in just a few days! My first sponsor spotlight post belongs to Expressionables, an awesome site where you’ll find tons of neat products that you can personalize with your own picture. In addition to the usual products you would find on a customizable site- such as birth announcements, invitations, and wall calenders- Expressionables also offers photo wall clings and really cool personalized wrapping paper.Create personalized holiday cards, party banners, and more.

If you need to create a personalized customer appreciation campaign, check out their Customer Rave site. You can give them a list of your customers and tell them which product you’d like to use, and they do all the rest of the work. I particularly like the candy bar package. I would definitely remember a company that sent me personalized chocolate.I mean, chocolate on its own is awesome enough, but chocolate with my name on the wrapper says “get back, this is mine!”

Expressionable’s Prize Contribution

Rafflecopter Roundup Sponsor Spotlight: ExpressionablesExpressionables is offering the winner of the Rafflecopter Roundup a roll of personalized wrapping paper and one wall cling. The neat thing about the wall clings is that you don’t need any nails, tape, or other adhesives, so there is no risk of damaging your wall. Plus, if you’re constantly rearranging stuff, like me, you can just peel it off and stick it somewhere else. The wall clings are 12×12 inches.  I made the one to the left as a sample, it only took me about a minute to create.

The wrapping paper comes in tons of different styles, and you can sort through them based on holidays, themes, or other occasions. Wrapping a special gift in personalized wrapping paper definitely adds to the presentation. You don’t have to limit yourself to face shots either. It would be just as fun to take a picture of something that has to do with the gift to act as a clue. For example, if you’re planning on giving your high school graduate a new car, wrap the keys in a big box with a picture of the car on the paper. If you’re giving someone a dream vacation, use a photo from one of the attractions in that area,  and then come adopt me, because I could totally use a dream vacation!

Don’t forget to come back on September 21st-24 to enter the Rafflecopter Roundup giveaway!