Sunbelt Granola Saved The Day!The day before Hurricane Irene hit our area, I realized I had very few snacks in the house, which meant trouble in the event of a power outage. I’m not one of those people who can cook over an open flame or any of those other useful camping type skills. I don’t camp, after all, so why would I need to learn such things? When the power goes out, I’m pretty much stuck foraging through my cabinets like a little raccoon, looking for things I can tear open and gobble down. So there we were, the day before the big storm was supposed to take place, and my cabinets were looking a little non-storm friendly. The prospect of going to the store, where half my town was shopping (and I use that term loosely, since it was more like a flash mob activity) in a panic and half of New Jersey had already arrived to escape the coast, adding to the panic, was enough to send me into panic attacks myself. I figured I’d rather just starve than face those crowds.

Sunbelt Granola Saved The Day!Fortunately, my box of Sunbelt snacks showed up that afternoon. In it were five boxes of assorted goodies, including Jake’s favorites, the chocolate chip granola bars and the Fruit & Grain cereal bars. There was also a new flavor that I had never tried, Sweet & Salty Chewy Almond Granola Bars. These were amazingly, outstandingly delicious. Think granola meets chocolate-covered almonds. So, so good. I ate half the box between the time the power went out on Sunday night and the time it came back on Tuesday evening. Unlike the fudge-coated granola bars, these just have a yummy layer of fudge on the bottom. They’re amazing, and I really hope my local store starts carrying them soon, or I’m going to have to find an online supplier. According to the press release I found about the product, these have been out since the end of 2009, but apparently haven’t caught on in my area.

One of the things I like best about Sunbelt Granola is that they’re probably the least expensive name-brand granola and cereal bars around. They’re less than $2 at my local Walmart, the only place I can find them here. But just because they’re inexpensive doesn’t mean they compromise on taste. Their cereal bars are the only brand that Jake will eat, and he only started eating granola bars after trying theirs. I’m currently using the rest of the chocolate chip granola bars for Jake’s school snack because they’re quick and easy to throw in his snack bag. I really like that Sunbelt gives back to the community and encourages physical activity by sponsoring local marathons and other events throughout different areas too. A huge thanks to Sunbelt for their impeccable timing with my review products package! They really saved the day!