Facebook is rolling out all sorts of changes over the next few weeks in addition to the changes that already appeared last week. While just about everyone on my friend’s list is freaking out left and right, I decided that, for once, I would embrace change. In fact, not only would I embrace it, I’d get a jump start on it! Mashable published a great post on how to enable the new Facebook timeline now, complete with a very easy-to-follow video, so I decided to give it a try.

After following the directions in the aforementioned post, I checked my profile page and clicked on the invitation to enable the Facebook timeline. I was taken to a new page that allowed me to customize my profile page. The first major task was selecting a cover image. This was no easy feat, because that image is huge! I of course went with one of my son, because who really wants to see me that up-close and personal. After selecting the image, all I had to do was drag it around to reposition it just right.

FB1 Taking the Facebook Timeline Plunge

The next step was figuring out what all the random stuff was for and how to make my page the way I wanted it. In the editing page, there was a whole bunch of boxes that had nothing in them. Don’t worry about those, they go away when you click “publish now.” They appear to be placeholders for all the random game activity on your page. You can mess with other settings before publishing, but it’s really hard to get an idea of how it will look on the page since so much stuff is missing from the boxes. So I went ahead and hit “publish.” This is what my profile looked like with the new Facebook timeline:

FB2 Taking the Facebook Timeline Plunge


I haven’t been very active with posting status updates on my personal page lately, so mostly it’s a bunch of boring Frontierville stuff. But if I scroll way down, I can go all the way back to 2010. In fact, I can go all the way back to my birth year, and add a baby picture of myself if I want! That’s pretty cool, but since I don’t really have a baby picture on the computer to demonstrate, I went back to Christmas of 2010. Look, there’s my little pumpkin with Santa!

FB3 Taking the Facebook Timeline Plunge

You can go all the way back to the very moment you joined Facebook and see all your posts, pictures, and everything else without having to search all over the place or keep hitting “older posts.” Just click on the year and scroll down. I really like that I can see what my timeline will look like to the public or as another friend, that way I have a better idea of what I need to hide in the future.

This is just the timeline portion of the new profile pages. I know Facebook has a lot of other changes coming up, and I’m probably in the minority when I say that I’m kind of excited to see what they are. I think the timeline is pretty neat overall. According to the little message at the top of my screen, only the developers will be able to see my new timeline until the sweeping changes roll out on October 5th. This gives me a chance to tweak it just how I want it though. Has anyone else taken the Facebook Timeline plunge? I’d love to hear any tips for customizing it that you may have!

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