I am a member of an amazing online community called voiceBoks. For those who haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend signing up. It’s free to join, and there are always traffic-boosting activities designed to bring in more readers (and not just followers in general). Everyone there is super nice and helpful. Anyway, one of the current events on the site is called “The ABC’s of Me,” in which all participating bloggers post, well, the ABC’s of themselves. I have to admit, I’ve always loved these survey things, back when they used to just circulate through emails. They’re fun, and a good way to get to know someone.

The ABC’s Of Me

The ABC’s of Me: A VoiceBoks ProjectAge- Over 30, under 40. I’m 22 for the 15th time, if you feel like doing the math!

Bees- I’m completely terrified of them, or any stinging insect for that matter, to the point that I actually got a nosebleed once from the sheer terror of seeing one fly too close to me. At least I think that’s what caused it. It could have been a coincidence.

Coffee- Can’t live without it. Seriously, I absolutely love the stuff in just about any form. Except decaf. Decaf coffee is the devil’s invention, and I don’t even believe in the guy. But if I did, I would attribute decaf coffee to him.

Dogs- I have three of them, and they’re awesome. I also have cats, but “c” was taken up by coffee. See, I love coffee so much, I found a way to incorporate it into another letter.

Elephants- One of my favorite animals. I love how they have such a human-like family structure. Or maybe we have an elephant-like structure, since I think they were here first.

Fears- Aside from bees, I’m also afraid of clowns, spiders, small spaces, heights, and dark basements. Oh, and driving on the highway (as the driver, not the passenger), going under sedation, TSA, and the NSA (I’m secretly a conspiracy theorist. That could have gone under “C” as well, but again…coffee). There are probably more. I’m a pretty skitzy person.

Golf- Something I just don’t understand. It involves way too much walking, and I can never hit that little ball. The few times I’ve played, I waited until I was really far behind (about five minutes after the game started), and just chucked my ball as far as I could (about five feet).

Halloween- It’s always been one of my favorite holidays, and now that I have a kid, it’s even more awesome because I can totally swipe his candy!

Italics- I love them. They’re so pretty. I would write in them all the time, except I think that would ruin their appeal and annoy the heck out of my readers. 

Jacob- In my slightly biased opinion, he is simply the coolest little boy ever. He’s so smart, funny, and wildly entertaining, that it’s hard to stay mad at him when he’s acting up.

Kaffeeklatsch– I couldn’t think of a word that started with K, so I googled it. Imagine my surprise when I found yet another way to work coffee into this post! A kaffeeklatsch is a social gathering where people sit around, drink coffee, and converse. I like coffee and conversing.

Lists- I have a slight obsession with lists. I make tons of them. I never really follow them, I just like making them. I have a list of all the books I’ve read since 2001, which I recently transferred into a an Alice in Wonderland journal. AIW would have been my “A” if I didn’t go with age, since I’m also slightly obsessed with that book and anything to do with it. I have eight different Amazon wish lists, all perfectly categorized, such as by fiction books, non-fiction books, Kindle books, books for Jacob, DVD’s for me, DVD’s for Jacob and more.

Mud- One of my favorite pictures of Jake is of him playing in the mud. My philosophy on kids getting dirty is this- clothes, floors, and ever carpets can be cleaned. Memories last forever.

Nikki- The name I actually go by, even though everything says “Nicole.”

Oranges- My favorite scent in the world.

Pandemonium- My favorite word. It’s so fun to say.I also like the word (although not the practice of) extortion. Other favorites include alabaster, megalomania, and Tuesday. I don’t like words that end in double “er’s” like “sufferer.”

Quilting- Something I wish I could do, along with cooking, sewing, knitting, and anything crafty.

Reading- My favorite past time. I read as often as I can, and encourage Jake to do the same.I think it is extremely important to start reading to your child the minute they come out of the womb. Actually, I started before then.

Santa- My seasonal job is managing the Santa photo set in my local mall. I love being the boss of the man who delivers toys to all the children of the world. It gives me a lot of pull with Jake.

Travel- I’d love to do more traveling. The major trips I’ve taken throughout my life include New Orleans, Boston, Orlando, Los Angeles, Japan (where I also lived for two years), and a cruise to St. Thomas, Grand Turk, and San Juan. I’d love to see Greece and Ireland next.

Unique- I’m unique, just like everyone else! I don’t know, I think I’m fairly unique, but with billions of people in the world, I’m sure there is someone just like me out there.

Virologist- What I always wanted to be. I love viruses (not the computer kind though), they’re fascinating. I don’t like when people get them, that’s horrible, but in general, they’re fascinating little things.

Willful- Some people call me stubborn, I think I’m just willful. My son, on the other hand, is stubborn. So is anyone else who doesn’t do what I want them to do.

X-Ray- Aside from dental work, I’ve never had one. Which is amazing, because I’m a total klutz.

YA Paranormal- One of my favorite book genres.

Zebra- The first word that came into Jacob’s mind when I said “help me think of a word that starts with Z.”