Wholesale Halloween Costumes: Classic Captain American Movie CostumeJake will be joining the throngs of other Red, White, and Blue-clad superheroes out there this Halloween. He went back and forth between several different superhero costumes, including the Green Lantern, but when I told him he needed to finalize his decision so I could pick one for review, he decided that it was definitely going to be Captain America.

I received his Captain America Costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. There were actually two different ones, but I went with this one because it looked a little more like the movie and a little less cartoonish. Basically, I thought it was cooler, and since I have so very little say in what the child wears for Halloween these days, I just pretended this was the only one they had.

Getting Jake to stand still for a picture was a bit of a challenge. He moves very quickly in general, and even faster when he’s pretending to be a super hero. Jake tried the costume on the moment he got home from school. He loves it, of course. I’m happy with it because it’s lightweight, so it wont be too hot if we happen to have a nice Halloween night, but it’s roomy enough that I can put sweats on underneath if it is too cold. The material is pretty sturdy too, so it’s not going to tear if you look at it the wrong way. I think that’s important in children’s costumes because many kids, like Jake, use them for dress-up later. I’d rather buy something that will last a while and get some more use out of it aside from just the two hours that they go Trick or Treating. Seriously, when did ToT’ing get so limited? When I was little, we went out from dusk until we passed out! But I digress. This is a great costume for any Captain America fan.

The Captain America Costume costs $19.40 on Wholesale Halloween Costumes, and they have really good prices on all sorts of other boy’s costumes as well. I did have to purchase the shield separately, as it doesn’t come with the costume. I do want to mention one thing though- when buying a costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes, or anywhere else for that matter, order it a little larger than you think you need. I went with the medium, even though Jake should technically still be in a small, because the costumes do run a little on the small side. Besides, you’ll want to make sure there is enough room to add layers underneath in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.