mad hatter costumeEver since I first read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland when I was a little girl craving adventure myself, I have been a major fan of the book. Like a psychotically, more than slightly obsessively major fan. In fact, I wrote a ten-page paper on it in high school, which doesn’t sound like much now, but think about that for a moment- I took time out of my busy high-school socializing to sit down at a typewriter (I graduated before computers became a household fixture) using research that I got from actual books without the help of wikipedia, and wrote 10 pages on a single topic: the hidden symbols of Alice in Wonderland.

Since then, I’ve amassed a pretty decent collection of different editions of the book (nothing old or expensive though), movies, posters,figurines,  and even a complete character-based tea set that I bought in Japan. So of course when the awesome folks at Buy Alice in Wonderland Costumes asked me if I wanted to do a review of one of their Mad Hatter costumes, I practically jumped and down with glee and said absolutely!

I went with the Boys Deluxe Mad Hatter costume for Jacob. I have to admit, I was tempted to go with one of their adult-sized ones for me, but he makes a far cuter model than I’ll ever be. The Mad Hatter Costume came with the bow-tie, shirt front, jacket, and of course, the iconic hat, complete with the 10/6 price tag.

The thing that impressed me the most, other than how absolutely adorable my little monkey looked in his Mad Hatter Costume, was how well-made this costume is. The jacket  and hat both feel like crushed velvet, the velcro clasps are strong and easy to work with, and the little details really make it seem authentic. The hat, of course, really pulled it all together. You can see the crushed-velvet texture and the shimmery fabric of the bow-tie and shirt front in the close-up below.

Review: Boys Deluxe Mad Hatter Costume

The hat was a bit big on Jake’s noggin, but he’s in that awkward period right now where nothing fits just right. Smalls are too smalls and mediums are too big. I may be biased, but I still think he looks pretty darn adorable! Yes, I know his bow is a little crooked, but the Hatter is insane, he’s not supposed to look all perfectly put together!

It took a little convincing because Jake gets shy sometimes, but I managed to get him to do his version of the Mad Hatter’s Futterwacken dance. Ignore the slight mess and random  activity in the background please. The hat fell in his face while he was jumping around, but it doesn’t do that when he’s just walking or standing.

If you are looking for a Mad Hatter costume, or any other Alice costume for that matter, for yourself or your child, I highly recommend checking out Buy Alice in Wonderland Costumes They have such a great selection and the costumes are really high quality.